5 of Pentacles & Hierophant

The image below is the 5 of Pentacles belonging to the Spanish Tarot (Espaηol) – Heraclio Fournier, Vitoria, Spain.

5pent.jpg 5pent2.jpg

The card is based upon woodcuts from about the year 1736, originally created by Giusseppe Ottone who lived in Italy. The LWB© in the box was written in 1975 by Stuart R. Kaplan. The meanings for all the 78 cards are simple explanations mainly using just single words. Looking at the 5 of Pentacles in the image one does not have usual pictorial symbolism as is seen in most Tarot decks now-a-days, rather a grim representation. The main symbols in this older Tarot deck are 5 round, flowers.

.Suggested interpretations …being shaken up, anxiety, beginning of a challenge, something not in balance, a surprise, decision time, midway- do you turn back or go forwards, uneven, worry……. acceptance by taking the path of least resistance utilizing adaptability where fluctuating situations have arisen …

WORK questions- the 5 of pentacle contains the element of “unexpected” or unforeseen changes. At this point you will get what you “need”… sharing of the food around the table example above. I do not see this card as lack because there is enough to go around. The important fact is to look at what is available and make the adjustments. Our unwanted guest could have left and missed out on at least some of the meal.

LOVE questions- there is a strong suggestion that there is another person or situation involved that prevents the smooth flow of a romantic relationship. Something has come up. This is where “faith” is required because the stability is being challenged. Incorporating this new element is the key to success. A new negative emotion has been born –

SOUL questions- for example, “what is it I should know about myself?” That is a pretty loaded question. When the 5 of pentacles is drawn to answer this question you not only have 1 card but also the associated lessons and teachings of

Key #5 The Hierophant.

One of the Esoteric lessons of the High Priest card is intuition, according to the teachings of Qabalah. hierophant.jpgInner intuition is not all those ideas you receive over and above the 5 senses. There are religious connections to this card as depicted by most of the images in many Tarot decks. It is important that you do not allow your religious associations to influence your understanding of the Hierophant.

You inner teacher is your inner hearing. Your inner hearing will receive messages from your subconscious. When we communicate with words much is distorted because certain words will mean certain things to certain people. As a minor example using the image of a snake in a card – Some people fear snakes, others are in awe of them and many believe snakes are an omen of bad luck. A snake is just a snake. The attachment of reactions based on conditioning is what colors the perceptions of what a snake is or means.

When you meditate on the Hierophant card you may get mixed feelings. Do you identify with the High Priest or one of the adepts kneeling in the foreground. I see all the characters in this card as aspects of myself and depending on what my needs are at the time of my consulting the Tarot I will resonate with either of the 3.

The Hierophant will provide you with the tools to help you to hear the lessons of the Minor 5’s.

Your experience with the 5 of pentacles in connection to the Hierophant card may not be something you would even want to consider. Most of our problems stem from our belief systems or the false interpretations of situations in the past. By transmuting our feelings and thoughts we can truly open gates to hear our true Inner intuition. Once that is done the message of the 5 of pentacles will become clear….it is not a card that should cause concern about “lack” as many practitioners of the Tarot tend to believe.

When we come from a “lack consciousness” then the teachings of the Hierophant has not been learned through the world of the 5 of Pentacles. Letting go of the “lack of” belief system will allow the gifts of the 5 of Pentacles to manifest.

The gifts of the 5 of Pentacles are as great as your understanding of the Hierophant card.



3 thoughts on “5 of Pentacles & Hierophant

  1. Hello P,
    Ahhhh, my E-mail you say. Yes and a thousand thank you-s. I did respond and will lengthen that respond in the next few weeks.
    I am grateful for all the connections I have had this festive season. I only wish that the continuity would be on a day-to-day basis and that I was not separated by so many miles with my loved ones.
    Til we meet again

  2. Peter I haven’t forgotten … thank you very, very much for the Rainring reading. I am still studying it and discovered my own insights on the cards during that process….
    I will share my findings… looks like in the next week or so.
    I wish you and Hacina a GREAT 2008!

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