#3 lenormand SHIP



The meanings of the SHIP card are mostly connected to travel , generally longer unless the Clover card is nearby, then it is short term or a fast trip.

Another associated meaning of this card is emotional awareness. Our emotions are fluid as water. As with the choppy waves on the ocean, so too can our moods rise and fall.

The SHIP card can increase or decrease the intensity of the situation that is conveyed by the theme depicted by surrounding cards.

Emotional preoccupation can take place when placed next to the Heart & Lady or Gentleman. In some cases the male or female may wish they were somewhere else or with someone else. With the Heart card only- a romantic weekend, lover at a distance, fondness for travel.

When describing a person, the SHIP can suggest someone who is a visionary – seeing into the distance, seeing the totality of a situation and not just one aspect. This person would make an excellent counsellor or coach.

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