Tarot Dame reviews Aquarian layout

NOTE: update Dec 25th- Thank you Tarot Dame for bringing to my attention the fact that the format-option is not working properly. I am not certain at this point why all paragraphs are lumped together. I have corrected other posts with a similar issue and there are quite a few more to do-
TAROT DAME’S insights of the December 2/07 Celtic Cross using the Aquarian deck. Thanks Tarot Dame.

1-2-aq.jpgThe Strength crossed by the 3 of Swords: (I have often seen the 3 of Swords come up in readings regarding surgery.) I read this coupling as indicating that his tough-guy exterior is being tested/put in check by the surgery, and may be a blessing in disguise, meant to soften him up. The “strength” of the swords being thrust into the heart: The swords (his exterior strength) disappear and become invisible for a time inside the heart (during the surgery and hospital stay he will be uncharacteristically vulnerable). Then they eventually come through on the other side. A thought that struck me from the way the 3 of Swords was laid out also: The sharp/extreme points of the swords (and corresponding aspects of his personality) are facing the left (the Past). The handles of the swords face right (future) which indicate that the strength/base is still there, along with some of the sword, but without the most extreme points. The way I would read this is that the surgery has the potential to ultimately soften his personality. A big wake up call.

3aq.jpgKing of Swords as Basis of Question: I read the King of Swords as representing Joe. For some reason, this coupled with the two cards above, I had the feeling this was close to his personality before reading your description of him. Obviously, I can see where it would represent the surgeon as well.4aq.jpg

4 of Pents as Passing Influence: I believe wholeheartedly that your emotional state causes either health or dis-ease in your body. So if he was under pressure financially, and I don’t mean lacking money, but rather facing stress/deadlines in regards to his career life, then I think that would have had a tremendous effect on his heart condition. It being a “passing” influence indicates that it needn’t be a permanent negative influence in his life…it’s something that is under his control, so in the future his stress can be managed, and it doesn’t need to affect his health again…IF he is able to realize this mind-body connection.

King of of Cups as Probable Future: Yes, I also saw this card as a softening of his personality, 5aq.jpgas I also saw the first two cards.6aq.jpg

7 of Wands as Immediate Future: Just by looking at the card image, I got the message that “It’s entirely in his hands”. His healing will largely depend on his own mind and belief in his ability to heal.7aq.jpg5 of Swords as Joe’s Attitude: I saw this as his expectations of recovery. This card indicates to me that yes, he expects to survive and get better. He doesn’t expect to die. However, he doesn’t optimistically envision a 100% complete recovery. I think he fears that his recovery will come at a cost of some sort…some part of himself may not ever get back to “normal”. Whether this is mental, emotional or physical, I don’t know.8aq.jpg

Temperance as External Influences: I don’t think this card implies that there is already a great balance of his environment, or else he wouldn’t be in the situation he’s in. I think he needs to become more aware of what surrounds him in his daily life, and apply moderation where needed. There are probably aspects of his life that are out of balance that he never noticed or gave thought to before. What got my attention in this card was the stark white face/wings compared to the darker colors. The “spiritual” side stood out to me more. Perhaps he needs more balance in that area of his life. And I don’t mean going to church every Sunday, zoning out, waiting for the service to be over. I mean a more personal aspect to it.

This, for a King of Swords type, may be a challenge, if he’s not already truly in tune (or comfortable) with his spiritual side.

Knight of Rods as Immediate Influence: Hopes and Fears: I saw this in a different light than you mentioned (though of course you were right, as the change of residence came to fruition.) I saw this card as representing his looking back at his youth and vigor. He’s basically being forced into a situation that has the polar opposite energy from the Knight of Rods. When stuck in such a place, people tend to think of what used to be, and what could be. The Knight of Rods is energetic, vibrant, young, healthy and active. I got the feeling that while he’s laying helpless in the hospital bed, the man in him is yearning for some aspects of this card back in his life.aq4.jpg

The Knight of Swords as Potential Future Outcome: Okay, what came to me right away when seeing this card wasn’t the traditional meaning of the card at all. The thing that sprung to mind was a demotion from his being the King of Swords to the Knight of Swords. I don’t know how far in the future you take the final outcome card to reflect. But in this situation, I saw this as his going from Top Dog (King of the World) to Someone With Something To Prove (Knight Battling to Recover). I saw this as being the next few months…and not years down the line.

A wonderful interpretation by Tarot Dame revealing her perception on this very important Tarot reading.


8 thoughts on “Tarot Dame reviews Aquarian layout

  1. I’m honored that you created a separate post for my thoughts. How nice, thank you! (A little hard to differentiate the different positions though, with all the cards lumped in one huge paragraph!?)

    This morning, my stocking had a few surprises for me from Santa. (My mother sends me a filled stocking every year for Christmas.) I received Piatnik’s Art Deco deck and the Gypsy Witch deck. I’ll definitely be searching through your archives for glimpses on how to approach the Art Deco cards (layouts, relative positions, etc.) I haven’t worked with Sibilla-type decks before now. Any general advice for a beginner?

    Merry Christmas!!

    ♥ Kiki

  2. Seasons Greetings Kiki,
    Thanks for pointing out the format problem. I checked the post about your Aquarian reading insights and yes, it was horrible- yuck. I am aware of this problem and am trying to figure out why this is happening. I have corrected many posts so far.

    I will email Mark at WordPress for technical advice.

    How exciting to receive the Art Deco & Gypsy Witch decks. The Deco is identical to the Zigeuner with the exception of of 16 other cards which is very similar to the Sibilla decks available.

    I want to add that your insights about the Knight of Swords & King of Swords should be shared with everyone- I love it. Perhaps you should do a post dedicated to that on your site, if you haven’t already.

  3. Thanks SQ! I think if I posted the Knight/King insight on my blog, it probably wouldn’t make much sense, because it would be out of context unless I posted both full readings. But I’m very glad you appreciated the interpretation. 🙂

  4. Hello Tarot Dame,
    I agree it may be out of context for the theme of your really cool blog. I had to delete the blog before this one from 2004 because I got very carried away…. off topic.
    I try to leave out personal stuff as much as possible but the situation around “Joe” and those Celtic cross Tarot readings … hit a nerve…
    Talk to you soon.

  5. Hello: Iam in desperate need of your help. I had a deck of old Gypsy cards, the ones with : Letter, officer, lady in bed, misfortune ( the ones on your website ) a Co-Worker from Solvaniea gave them to me, and I had them for 20 years. Then 3 years ago we went on a vacation, stayed in many hotels, and my cards were stolen, and I was unable to track them.
    I have tried traditional tarot cards, and I do not connect. I loved my cards, and am VERY willing to buy a new deck, ( or antique) if you know where I can find them. I have been looking for 3 years, and you are the first person, I have found that knows these decks. PLEASE help.
    thank you

  6. Hello DeAnna,
    Nice of you to drop in. The old Gipsy cards can be purchased on Ebay … on a regular basis.
    Or can be ordered by a book store (depending where you live)
    Hope you get a deck soon.
    The Zigeuner deck that I feature with the numbers is out of print.

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