standard Playing cards accuracy

Sept 20, 2007. I want to share Part 1 – using the 15 card layout© found in the Card Reader’s Handbook. written by Regina Russell.

Some of the Regina’s card meanings & combinations are used to demonstrate this reading.

It is now 3 months after that reading … and it is a good time to review the hits or misses …

TOP FAN: JACK club.jpg 5diamonds.jpg KINGdiamonds.jpg

LEFT FAN: ACEhearts.jpg QUEENdiamonds.jpg 2spades.jpg MIDDLE FAN: JACKdiamonds.jpg 2club.jpg ACEdiamonds.jpg RIGHT FAN: 5spades.jpg 8club.jpg KINGspades.jpg

BOTTOM FAN: 8spades.jpg 9spades.jpg KINGclub.jpg

LEFT FAN is the passing spot, some influences were still active around the time of the date of the reading. Reading the suits of the cards,hearts.jpgdiamonds.jpgspades.jpgwe already know that an emotional situation being worked on will end up with a delay or challenge.

ACE hearts.jpgrepresents the home and things going on within the family circle. Love.

QUEEN diamonds.jpgis generally a fair haired female or close friend, co-worker but in this case is a female belonging to the family (beside ACEhearts.jpg)

2spades.jpgis a card about suggesting a separation or removal. I have always read this card to indicate a forced action. Against you natural Will.

When the 2spades.jpg falls after a court card, it means that a separation did occur, the QUEEN diamonds.jpgwill soon be out of the person’s life. Since this is my layout, it indicates that I will hear something related to this.

ACE hearts.jpg+ 2spades.jpg pressure into moving. A force behind a change of residence. Staying in the hospital for an extended time after the surgery (described below)

I did hear about a break up about 6 weeks later involving a female, she was not the family member but was involved with a male family member. The breaking up was probably occurring during the time of the reading but I did not get word of it until much later.

MIDDLE FAN represents the current situation, what is happening now. diamonds.jpgclub.jpgdiamonds.jpgThe atmosphere of the now spot is one of keeping busy and being preoccupied with producing results or financial acitivites.

JACKdiamonds.jpg is a young fair haired male, a guy friend, co-worker or someone who is taking care of a financial matter

2club.jpgrepresents a benefit or gift of some kind. When this card falls in the middle of the fan there is an exchange between two people than is mutually suitable.

ACE diamonds.jpg indicates a message, news, invitation. Sometimes it can suggest needles if there are health cards or an actual diamond ring if the theme is about a love relationship.

The 2spades.jpg precedes the court card and this means the male represented by the JACKdiamonds.jpg will be returning or come back into the picture. I did receive an unexpected visit from my brother who lives at a great distance and he was wrapping up some business in this area. There was an exchange involved.

ACEdiamonds.jpg + ACEhearts.jpg combined points to a message about love or something that is loved. Regina’s meaning is remodeling a home, or renovations. This came to pass but not in the way it sounds. My brother got rid of an item from his home to make room for another item.

RIGHT FAN falls into the time frame of one month. I have seen this fan materialize within 1-2 weeks. spades.jpgclub.jpgspades.jpg three black cards suggests difficulties coming up. No amount of working it out will change the result. The fans begins with a spades.jpgand ends in a spades.jpg

5spades.jpg is a card that predicts a divorce or something ending. It also means responsibility. In this card is also the meaning of fear.

8club.jpghas multi level meanings. I use it to mean an offer of work or job proposition. Many times this card means to converse with someone, thus it is a conversation card.

KINGspades.jpg is a mature man who have a position of power or authority. This King represents a divorced man or an ex-husband. A professional man.

2spades.jpg + 8club.jpgforced due to circumstance to stop working. The man having the operation could not work after the heart surgery and is still in the hospital unable to work the way he did before.

When the 2spades.jpgand 5spades.jpg fall together in a layout it indicates a divorce between two people. When these two calls fall separately but still withing the same layout a break up will lead to a divorce. The divorce does not have to be legal. You can divorce yourself from something or someone and not be married to it. The male family member separated and his relationship is no longer in an active stage.

A conversation did take place with a divorced man and we discussed the possibility of him doing some repairs on my vehicle which would be a responsibility over and above what he had time to do.

A job offer did come to help out for a short time. Oct 12- Oct 19th – this part of the reading occurred within the time frame of this one month spot. It was a huge responsibility that involved professional men.

TOP FAN represents two months. I usually allow 3 months and I have found that combination meanings overlap, some sooner and some later. club.jpgdiamonds.jpgdiamonds.jpgthese suits show that a busy time is coming and it would be good for getting things done. There is also a strong suggestion that money related situations will increase or be positive.

JACKclub.jpg is someone who is busy and active. He can also be a buddy, co-worker or relative.

5diamonds.jpgis one of those cards that is harder to pinpoint because it has such contrasting meanings. It can suggest shopping, sitting at a desk, what attracts you and even court.

KINGdiamonds.jpg is a man with financial knowledge. He is someone found in a position of financial control. He can be an employer as well.

JACK club.jpg+ JACK diamonds.jpgcombined suggests a man in uniform. A younger police officer, fireman, doctor, etc. Many times this duo will indicate a partnership or some kind of deal. In this particular reading it turned out to be doctors and nurses which is doubly confirmed by the 8spades.jpg situated in the BOTTOM FAN.

There was a meeting involving younger medical people mid November.

BOTTOM FAN is also within a few months but the difference is that cards falling her may describe a situation or person that is challenging. It can also details what will be delayed or put off. spades.jpgspades.jpgclub.jpgThree black cards again, starting off with double spades.jpg‘s indicated a tough situation but with hard work will improve slightly.

8spades.jpg is the card of visiting someone in the medical profession. It can involve “looking at or into” a matter such as researching or investigating.

9spades.jpg will always upset the apple cart. It is the fate card, applied pressure or what’s meant to be.

KINGclub.jpg can be a male who is helpful, caring and someone who is action oriented. I have seen this King to represent a neighbor.

These three cards suggest a medical problem that will be worrisome for the King.

KINGdiamonds.jpg+ KINGclub.jpg + KING spades.jpg Three kings suggest a conference or meeting of professional men. They are in uniform. Because the spades.jpg falls the furthest to the right of the layout it means there is a serious problem. These men are doctors.

8spades.jpg + 2club.jpg combined indicate a nurse, caregiver or someone who helps out medically.

8spades.jpg + 9spades.jpg these two cards falling together, without a doubt means a major surgery. When I saw this duo I became alerted to the fact that I will most likely hear of an operation. The reading I am detailing is one of three readings whereby this duo showed up.

I was informed of an open heart surgery to take place November 29th. There was a team of doctors and nurses involved.

There are other meanings involving the cards in this layout. If you have followed the readings involving Joe you can see that the standard playing cards foretold most the situation around him nearly three months ago.

When you do a card reading and you journal about it, date it and then refer back to it -you will understand the cards even better because “life” moved onwards and situations unfold. It is one of the best ways to learn about your own skills in reading cards. You can discover areas that you overlooked and areas where you were right on.



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