Big Wish as outcome (updated Dec 20)

VERONICA from a former post in October has decided to apply for another job.I did not meet in person with her but I did draw three cards from the Pages of Shustah©.Her question was simple, “will I get the job at xyz company?” The interview is on Thursday Dec. 20th.When I saw the last card in the Shustah© trio I recalled the last time this card made it’s appearance. If you click on the word VERONICA in the first sentence the link will take you to the previous reading.


Position 1 -generally represents the situation around the person asking the question.RED 11. The Spying Page.

This card is perfect for the way Veronica is feeling lately. Her confidence is not at 100% capacity due to setbacks in both in job & personal life. She is not happy that her other contract position was so short-lived. In the image you can see the Page sitting on a log waiting for some action. The Page looks ready to leap at a seconds notice. You can sense that this Page is listening and observing. In the background is a thick bush which could conceal an onlooker.

Position 2 – will describe the issue or question at hand. Sometimes the middle card is the view of others who are involved in the question or in the person’s life at the time the question is asked. More times than not the center cards expands on the first one, which leads to the third one- the outcome.

GREEN (green is productive & increasing energy) 14. Lord of Contemplation. When I meditate on this lord I see the peacock headdress that surrounds him to be filled with feathers. Often resembling a goat’s face (mentioned in other posts) today I do not see that as clearly. What my eyes are drawn to is his nose. Flat and wide as it is but it reminds me of a pig instead, ha-ha.Veronica is thinking about this pending interview and is totally focused on money. The right foot of the lord is firmly set on top of a large coin. The wands he holds in his left hand looks like a golf club today. Different symbols are stronger in the image of the card than usual. I get the feeling of a person being disenchanted or experiencing loss of interest. The feeling of ho-hum. This card is suppose to be about reflection and meditation. Both the Red 11 and Green 14 are in a position of “stand by”. Perhaps Veronica feels like that too.

Position 3– the outcome, result or conclusion. The most likely answer.

BLUE 9. The Big Wish. Fabulous card. The answer is yes and it points to the fulfillment of a large desire. All of Veronica’s waiting and thinking could very well end up with her jumping up & down with joy. Getting off the log- so to speak. Veronica had the Big Wish the last time I asked the Shustah© card a question for her.

Her wish came true in that other reading but not in the way she expected – it was even better than imagined. I’ll post the result of this reading when I get word from Veronica.

..looks like there may be a formating bug..which is why the entries are corrected & reposted….

[UPDATE: DEC 20th – Sure enough the Pages of Shustah© were right on again -awesome news for Veronica. She begins her new job the 1st week of January 2008. As an afterthought, the Lord of Contemplation may be hinting that Veronica could be bored at this new position … time will tell]


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