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.Misfortune – can signify an emergency situation, panic, sudden catastrophe, an accident, mysterious virus.

Illness- depletion of energy, fatigue, withdrawal, overworked, emotionally drained.

Letter- a message, the news of …., correspondence by various method, results.

Loss- lack of, lost cause, adds negativity to adjoining card, the answer is no, impossible win


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  1. Hi Tarot Dame,
    The Zigeuner is reading and I planned to to do an expanded study of the cards, 2 by 2 to demonstrate possible interpretations. The continuation will appear in the next post. I wanted to offer some meanings for each of the cards before I began to blend the theme. One theme is obvious just from the images…but there is more.

    In answer to your other comment I suppose if the surgeon has some Astrological training or background he/she would know this information. When I studied the position of Mars on that day it was retrograde too. This planet rules surgeons and since it was not in a direct motion it’s energy is not fully contained … I was there when the surgeon came out of the operating room and I noticed he was neither here or there with his prognosis.

    I seem to be wrapped around this (Joe’s situation) and all the readings prior to this unfortunate outcome. The reason for this is because each and every Tarot or Lenormand card provided the full turn of events. I captured most of it.

    I am particularly interested in the STRENGTH card being crossed by the 3 of SWORDS with TEMPERANCE in the others spot (representing Joe) the reading before the stroke.

    I plan to study in depth the Aquarian reading again- there is more information there, possibly information regarding the recovery. Since the Knight of Swords was the outcome card it suggests rushing into a stormy outcome. Maybe this Knight has advice that is currently being overlooked?

    Perhaps you have some insights on those cards and would like to share them. I feel that since I posted some readings prior to even the heart attack it is a perfect opportunity to study the Tarot or Lenormand and even the standard playing cards (I have the full reading in handwritten form and dated, as I always keep them in journals). Here we have the “real life” unfoldment of those readings. Much can be learned about divination by cards and much can be learned about the soul’s journey- as Peter Ryley (Rainring cards) mentioned in his comment.

  2. Hello! I want to ask you to help me interpret a spread. It is very important for me because I need to find out an answer. My boyfriend is in jail in another country and I want to find out if his situation will be solved. In the middle is the lover card – simbolyzing him. On the right side: letter and fidelity; on the left side (up) loss and ( down) illness. I will be very gratefull if you help me. Thank you!

  3. Letter …………………..Loss

    Hi Oana,
    The question you are asking sounds like it would be best answered by a person who is professionally trained in such matters – I am not.

    All I can offer is an interpretation of the 5 cards you have given me.

    Please be advised that the interpretation is only for entertainment purposes – this blog is about learning how to read cards. I am not comfortable answering your question directly and I hope you understand why.

    Your question is, “I want to find out if his situation will be solved.”

    Using the simple situation layout the Letter + Fidelity cards suggest positive energy around the Lover card in the center. These two cards fall in the past or passing spots. The information or news is promising in that loyalty and sincerity are involved. perhaps an innocence.
    In the now spots, Loss + Illness cards suggest a very slow process or possible delay in the solution of this question.

    Will it be “solved”…. without any additional knowledge or background to the situation you are asking about… I hesitate to comment.

    Thank you for your question.

  4. Thank you very much for your interpretation. I`m sorry if I put you in an uncomfortable situation. I`ve learned to interptret a little bit the cards and my readings “fullfilled”. I used the readings for enterntainment and I want to thank you for helping me interpret the combinations I couldn`t interpret.

  5. Hi Oana,
    I have given you but a brief interpretation. I appreciate the fact that you have left feedback, again.

    I wish I could offer you more information about the situation…
    Your question sounds serious. The reason I felt uncomfortable was that I felt the Zigeuner deck may not be the most suitable one to ask, perhaps the Tarot would better.

    As you know the Loss + Illness cards are not the most positive.
    The loss could be your experience of being apart and the illness could be worry & concern.

    Take care.

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