Ptolemy says…….

Ptolemy says, “Pierce not with iron that part of the body which may be governed by the sign actually occupied by the Moon.”

My first concern for Joe began when I found out the rescheduled date of the open heart surgery was Nov 29th and not the 27th as planned. The Moon was in Leo on the 29th. The moon was in the sign that ruled the heart and the blood flow. If the moon affects the ebb and flow of water on this earth and we are part of it, we too are affected to some degree since we are about 90% water. The blood is made up of plasma which is 95% water and three types of blood cells, red, white and platelets.

Joe was released from the hospital, a mere six days after open heart surgery- Dec 4th and on Dec 6th, 30 hours later suffered a stroke. The blood clot developed from the operation, this was confirmed by the surgeon’s team.

I always check the position of the moon when surgery is scheduled to see what sign it is transiting. I know of enough cases that ran into complications to make me pay more close attention to this. Is it a coincidence?

Statistics have shown that operations tend to be more successful when the moon is increasing in light and the recovery process is quicker. When the moon is full the fluids in the body are higher and this means the blood. Was the moon full on Nov 29th, not totally but almost?

Example: On May 17th 1992 the moon was transiting Sagittarius which rules the thigh. My son underwent surgery on that day due to a broken femur (thigh bone) from a roller blading accident. He ended up getting a blood clot in his leg from the surgery which was confirmed by the surgeon. He was re-admitted to the hospital the same day he was released and was under observation for 3 weeks while receiving blood thinners.


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Molly’s Astrology – tips on choosing surgery dates

Linda Goodman – discussions about medical astrology

Inner Self- Astrology of Scheduling Surgery by Bruce Scofield

Medical Astrology – The Astrological Man by Laura Poggiani

Be My Astrologer – Electional Medical Astrology by Nancy R. Fenn







One thought on “Ptolemy says…….

  1. I have often wondered about this. When choosing elective surgery (plastic surgery, for example) you obviously have choice in the date. But when you’re in the hospital, preparing for heart surgery, aren’t you under the mercy of the doctors’ scheduling? I’m very curious to know if you know of anyone who has been successful in getting the doctors take this seriously and actually push back an important surgery because of astrological reasons?

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