Kipper #32

(woe-is-me)-TROUBLED THOUGHTS. click HERE for a large image of this card.
Suggested keywords- sorrow, sadness, profound worry, pain, emotional suffering.The image of No 32 shows a man deeply distressed because he is thinking about a person or situation. His back is partially bent as he holds his head. What could possibly be so troublesome for this man?The concerns depicted by this card usually involve everyday things that have escalated to the point where an apparent solution is not seen yet. He may have just gotten a telephone call with “bad” news. The man could be worried about money, a health issue or problems with a romantic partner. You can almost feel is emotional pain.Whenever this card falls the neigboring cards will show the area of concern. The situation will resolve itself if the card end the horizontal or vertical line is a positive one. If this is not the case the deep concerns will continue and could lead to a situation where some drastic or constructive steps need to be taken to resolve it.

Example reading.2. Female sigificator 32. Troubled thoughts 15. Good start in Love 28. Expectation 35. Long way

The #2 female significator#32 is the profound concern, negative outlook#15 is a pleasing situation that is relatively new, usually romance but it doesn’t have to be. It is the beginning of something that make a person feel good.#28 is the card representing anticipation, waiting, expectations requiring silent patience.#35 is the card of distance, off into the future, not right now. There is still more effort needed.When you combine all these cards you can immediately delineate that a situation surrounding the female involves something very dear to her. Her emotions are wrapped up in it and she has a considerable amount of hope because she is very worried if it will turn out.The cards are telling her that time will tell because it is too soon too tell.She is worried about the result and wasting her energy by being absorbed with the outcome. In the meantime she is not able to apply positive energy during the growth process. The process that needs nurturing. The seeds of love grow only when given the correct atmosphere or they will die otherwise.


I am trying to correct this.


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