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Black Destiny- as the situation card. We cannot change was has happened in the recent past. Things are as they should be and are part of the Divine plan. Many times we cannot accept challenging or “bad” situations- it just doesn’t seem fair.

Red Weeping Woman- current influence. The weeping woman faces in the direction of the fixed stars. She is grieving over an situation that has happened which is irreversible. She must accept her sorrow and grow through it. She has an option to stand up or to keep her head low immersed in her pain.

Blue Swamp – outcome or soon to come. Not a promising card to receive as the result. If the weeping woman leans back too far she will fall into the shallow murky water. The swamp warns that danger lies ahead. The future is not clear -it is muddied.The trees in both the Red & Blue cards are similar. I see the weeping woman sitting on the opposite side of the swamp distraught but knowing what is awaiting her. She cries for her pending journey ahead of her as well.

The Weeping Woman will have to turn around & go through the uncertainties represented by the swamp because that is the only way out.

[please pray for Joe’s full recovery]

[Dec 10th update: Joe is slowly recovering bit by bit. It is truly a miracle to see him the way he was today compared to the way he was last Thursday when the stroke happened suddenly without much warning. I pray for his full recovery. My children are brave and filled with courage during such an emotionally upsetting time. They journey with him every step of the way, with each return of memory and strength in his body as it comes back.]

Recovering from open heart surgery and a stroke is a challenge. Don’t give up. Miracles do happen.

8 thoughts on “Shustah(c) guidance

  1. Hello Tarot Dame,
    Good to hear from you. I hope all is well with you.
    Thanks for asking about Joe.
    There are side effects to the stroke that are under close observation right now. My children showed great bravery amidst the emotional trauma they endured.
    Witnessing a stroke in progress and the immediate side effects was scary –
    Every day is a miracle now in that there are small improvements….
    The Tarot reading warned of this stroke … however I did not identify it as such. Here is the link if you want to study the Aquarian layout I did.
    and the following link using the Cosmic deck (which revealed so much….)

  2. I did read those, as I have been catching up on everyone’s blogs this weekend. I’m glad to hear that Joe is slowly improving…is there a chance for a full recovery? What a scary situation for your family…my prayers are with you.

  3. Thank you Tarot Dame. The chances for full recovery is what we all hope for but it is too soon to tell. Each day shows improvement and it is a blessing for Joe.
    My children have gone through an emotional roller coaster in the past 3 years. First the heart attack, then waiting for the outcome of the tricky open heart surgery and then less than 30 hours later – the stroke.
    I pray that he will be home from the hospital in time for Christmas….
    Glad you are feeling better, too.

  4. Thanks again Tarot Dame. It means a lot to me to know that someone I have not even met has such compassion in her heart to include us in your prayers.
    Rev. Ken Foor, bless him, included Joe in the healing meditation this past Sunday. He, too is such a wonderful man who I have not met either, but feel spiritually connected to.
    Today I found out that Joe will be moved to another hospital for the long process of rehab (with any luck it won’t be so long).
    When there is nothing we can do but accept situations in life we must have our faith in knowing that it is part of the Divine plan.
    My heart aches for my children and for their father.

  5. Hi SQ’
    I seem to have missed until now the element in this that connected Joe so closely to you. I’m so sorry for all this distress in your lives. Perhaps it will ease things for you a little to remind yourself that no doubt your children, in choosing the circumstances of their return here, were aware that they would have to deal with such a circumstance, and that it contained learning which would be necessary for their path.
    We here call such reflections ‘using the spirit side’ – in the end, it doesn’t take away the emotions which have to be faced. You are all in our thoughts.

  6. Thank you Peter for your comment. You have brought up a good point…knowing that all our experiences in this human experience are part of the soul’s lessons does lend an explanation to such experiences.
    The fact that I was drawn back into this connection with Joe is my lesson to understand… and all the re-connections with former friends & in-laws.
    I don’t fully understand right now but I will because I can sense the veil of resistance & ignorance lifting.
    Say hello to Hacina for me. Thanks again for being part of the journey.

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