asking the Gipsy-Zigeuner about LOVE.

Today’s study example is for your Entertainment & Learning

Oana asks , “What will happen between me and my boyfriend in the future?”

#29 sweetheart, #30 thief, #11 lover, #4 widower, #6 gift


ljubavnica/szerelmes nö- lopov/tolvaj- ljubavnik/szerelmes férfi- udovac/özvegy férfi- dar/ajádék

I am using the 5 card simple situation layout© which you can see ——–>HERE and

I am displaying the authentic numbered Gipsy cards.


Hopefully these cards are in the correct positions as requested by “Oana”.

.PAST– Sweetheart- the theme of the question is one of a romantic nature or about a relationship. When the Sweetheart or Lover cards show up it is usually connected to an emotional bond. In the image the Sweetheart is looking at the Lover card (center) but he is looking more at the Thief card..

NOW– Thief- a situation currently involves some misplaced trust. This card joins the Sweetheart & Lover. Could it be that the Lover has attempted to get away with something. It does NOT look serious because the “future” cards are not ones of separation or endings..

CENTER– Lover. This spot is usually reserved for the person getting the reading. It would be either the Lover or Sweetheart..

FUTURE- Widower- The Lover & Widower are back to back and not facing each other. The person represented by the Lover will try to avoid any type of distancing within the relationship if possible. He is thinking about the Sweetheart and about a recent situation that surrounds both of them. He is being realistic and practical in his assessment. The reason I am suggesting this is because the side of his jacket which represents these qualities is not the flamboyant one- fur around the cuff and collar.It is important to study the Lover card to determine which side of his jacket faces what card. It does not matter what meanings you attribute to the cards- it’s all about the understanding of the symbols shown.The Widower is a card about getting things done and putting emotional issues aside for the time being. It is a card of duty and responsibility. The Widower faces to the right of the layout- his message is about the future and because he sits on top of the Gift card this points to the fact that an aspect of the Lover is contemplating an offer of some sort. This offer can be physical gift or it can be the fact that he is realizing that he has something of great value in the Sweetheart..

FUTURE– Gift – as a stand alone card the Gift suggests an exchange. It does represent a present or token of appreciation. The Sweetheart, Lover and connected by the Gift card in the near future. This strongly suggests that there should not be any break ups. It points to the relationship changing and getting a bit more serious (widower).Additional optional suggestions.The Lover is thinking about an older man (widower), perhaps a father or even the fact that there was a loss (thief) in the past connected to this man. The Sweetheart feels uncertain where she stands in all of this because the Lover’s preoccupation of this man (can be an employer as well) is “stealing” the Lover’s focus. Yes something so simple as that.

“What will happen between me and my boyfriend in the future?” Based on the analysis of the cards that were given to me and after studying them I think that the relationship will change & grow. The Widower knows what it means to feel loss. This means that the Lover is an experienced man. He will never come up with an excuse that he can’t go somewhere -he just goes. The Widower is a dutiful friend. He will not ask for your help. It is up to the Sweetheart to continue trusting him even though there is some doubt.This interpretation is done using the cards in the above image positions. If one or more of these cards are placed in an incorrect spot – a good part of this reading will be different.

For example: If the Lover & Thief are to the left of the layout (1st column) and the Sweetheart is in the center- 3oana.jpgthis means that the man represented by the Lover has left the relationship in the recent past. The Sweetheart looks away from the Lover and most likely will not take him back. She is facing the Widower card- she harbors some grief and sadness but not that much because the Widower’s back faces her. If they faced each other her emotional pain would be intense currently and to some degree in the future. Another possibility too is that the Sweetheart will meet an older man (widower) who will appreciate her (gift).

In this case the forecast of the relationship is not promising but the Sweetheart will be happier sooner than she thinks because the very last card is the Gift- indicating a blessing out of adversity.

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