-SEVENS (GIPSY standard PLAYING cards)


The GIPSY standard PLAYING cards use “old gypsy” meanings using 32 cards. There is an on going discrepancy between club.jpg‘s and spades.jpg‘s, similar to the WANDS and SWORDS.Many of the Sibilla cards reflect this discrepancy with various designated cards. In my Qabalah-Tarot training I learned to follow the system below. This may differ from yours. I believe that it is all about understanding the system you use and if it makes sense to you -it is right for you

hearts.jpgWater-feelings-CUPS club.jpgFire-actions-WANDS


[The complete list of the 32 card meanings has also been moved for better viewing to the Pages located at the TOP along with the Lenormand, Tarot, Ziguener & Deco decks. ]

7hearts.jpg The act of being in love. Feeling love for someone but they don’t know- mystery love. From this we can derive unfaithfulness. This card points to deception if it falls besides a court card especially if 2 people are in a relationship.

7club.jpgThe card of loss, tears, depression etc. The sadness is short term. The tears are both from grieving & happiness. Temporary set back. The Clubs suit meanings are more suited to the modern spades.

7diamonds.jpgJob, work, occupation. This card means steadiness and security. To “work” at something. Things will “work out”. Changes around work can be ascertained by adjoining cards. In relationship questions this card will bring stability to it.

7spades.jpgA card of warning. Someone that will use unfair tactics to win a situation. A card of plotting & planning. This card suggests something happening fast. It’s main meaning is one of caution because lies or envious people can be involved.

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