Kipperkarten #34 Work

9spades.jpg #34 The Work card

For a close up of this card and a general meaning CLICK HERE

What I like about the Kipper cards is the fact that there is a work or occupation card. It is very easy to identify and it shows a man working in his garden. This cards represents any kind of work that you do. Usually when we think of work we associate a paycheck with it. When you stop to think about it, doing laundry or shovelling the snow is work. I think the essence of the Work card is as such. When combined with other cards you can determine who is working at what & why. Information will be revealed as to the type of job or occupation or if there is an issue surrounding the place of employment. If you are not working card #34 can be a welcome when it falls in the near future -it shows an opportunity coming your way.The Kipper deck also has it’s share of negative or challenging cards as does the Lenormand, Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten etc. Interestingly there is a coffin/death card #19. When these two cards are in combination it will suggest the obvious- an ending of some sort, It can be the completion of a contract, quitting, getting fired or accepting another position but staying with the same company.When the Work card is beside card #1 or card #2 (representing the person getting the cards read) it will indicate that there is much work ahead. Cards can also be used as adjectives and will describe a person. In this case – a workaholic.Coupled with the Illness card the interpretation could be that the person will hard to work hard to get better “or” and yes there always is an “or”- they are fatigued from being overworked.

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