some Scythe combinations

scythe.jpgThe Scythe combined with…
Rider: unexpected cancellation of an appointment.
Clover: imminent break in commitment.
Ship: vital decision involving a business.
House: Cold & indifferent family bonds.
Clouds: return of someone from the past that causes problems.
Snake: surprise revelation of a past romantic encounter.
Stars: suffering- short term pain, long term gain.
Stork: reconsideration of change out of necessity.
Mountain: self-defeatist attitude, gives up too easy.
Path: unexpected trip, something returns that was not solved.
Heart: lover of the past is still on your mind, abrupt endings.
Ring: separation between lovers or partners.

Letter: inevitable discovery of the truth.
Sun: preceding- brief happiness, following- best thing that happened.
Moon: serious confusion, doom & gloom thoughts.
Key: an advantage that will not last.
Anchor: loss of job, retirement, getting fired, quitting.
Cross: victim of someone else’s decision, not in your favor.

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