Owl prepares for take off

Owl Card bag heading to Ontario, Canada



When I met David Carson in the summer of 2006 at the Prophets Conference in Vancouver I was on an emotional high. The Medicine Cards were created by Jamie Sams & David Carson and published in 1988. I got my deck and book soon after that. They are not a regular part of my card entourage that I use for readings. I use them at specific times especially after significant dreams when I am greeted by power animals.The keyword for Owl in the accompanying book is “deception”. It is associated with “clairvoyance, astral projection, white & black magic”. In some cultures Owl symbolizes wisdom, in others it portends death.The feather of an owl has no sound and this will put the prey at a disadvantage because it will not hear it coming.

If Owl is your guidance card it suggests using your intuition in matters close at hand. Owl knows the truth. Owl wants you to possess a totality perspective instead of having limited vision.

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