Green Lord guidance

Today’s Shustah© Guidance – The Lord of Contemplation


The Lord of Contemplation brings gift of meditation today. It is sunny outside and the trees, plants, grass and ground are preparing for the shifts of weather to come. It seems as though all is in the dying stage….the transformations of the Death card.

It is a good time to think about the months ahead and to plan other projects that are suited to the upcoming season- assuming you live in parts of the world where the seasonal changes are noticed. The Lord’s face resembles a goat which is the symbol for the sign of Capricorn., the season of winter.

The guidance of this Page is a reminder that abundance is around us. We are a small part of the magnificent Universe which continues to follow it’s path without ever questioning itself

…like we do way too often…

The Lord of Contemplation is about acceptance and love.

Visit DAILY READING & MEDITATION blog for more insights on Green 14.

Rev. Ken Foor also offers an opportunity to possess your own Pages of Shustah© deck


away.jpg Nov. 19-22

I hope you find the latest posts I did over the weekend using the Tarot and the Playing cards helpful.

I will enter new information about the Gipsy Sibilla weeks end.



2 thoughts on “Green Lord guidance

  1. Hi SQ,
    Quite like the new avatar – a lot of experimenting going on in that area recently – is there a story behind this? (I mean, for public consumption)

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