Will the Tarot answer the Question?

The question posed is “will the person who had the heart attack yesterday improve before Christmas”

You can see the complete Celtic cross using the wonderful Cosmic deck in the last post.

[Written permission granted from Laura E. Clarson, author of The Cosmic Tarot – Signposts Along the Path-A Spiritual Approach to the Tarot, to use some of her meanings in this case study.]

The Cosmic deck is illustrated in appreciation of it’s beautiful images and to demonstrate the study case of the Celtic cross reading.


1and2.jpg2. CROSSING-8 CUPS

1. 3 of cups Reversed- as the 1st card representing the situation around the question we find the negative influence of what is generally an excellent card of celebration. This card points to excesses such as drinking, smoking and unhealthy eating habits. This card’s meaning ties in very nicely to the circumstances which may have lead to the heart attack- this is only speculation right now but makes sense. There is a hint that drugs can be an issue as well but I am not certain if the Tarot is picking up on something that will come to pass or could be a “now” problem. The description ties into the playing cards of 9spades.jpg5spades.jpg7spades.jpg(alcohol or drug overdose/problem).

2. 8 of Cups- as the crossing card, challenge or blessing which rules this reading we find a card of withdrawal. In this card is emotional indifference or an emotional distancing between 2 people. There is a loneliness depicted and this could describe how the person feels right now and will for the next several months. The road to recovery is a lonely one because you are on your own … despite any moral and medical support you will get. No one can feel your pain but you. Others can relate to it but it still is not the same because they are not in your skin.

3. FOUNDATION- 10 of Cups.

This card suggests Love. The energy of the 10 of Cups is fulfillment on an emotional level. Because I did3.jpg the cards the Tarot is showing me about my connection to the man in question. Some of my emotional connection to him is represented within this card.

10’s are also about completions, the cups are full and he was at a place in his life when life could have been good. He is also surrounded by people close to him that are his emotional anchor such as his children and the other important people in his environment.


4. ACTIVATED-PASSING. 4 of Cups. It’s a waiting game now. The results of the medical testing are not completed, others cannot be done until Monday. If you look at the image in the card it shows a person who is worried even though there are symbols of abundance around him. Traditionally this card points to apathy- lack of interest or concern. Is the Tarot suggesting that there is nothing to worry about right at this time? Sometimes we take things for granted such as people close to us and even our own health.[UPDATE:- Dec 8th – open heart surgery was performed on Nov 29th]

A heart attack is a wake up call that something is wrong- and will certainly snap someone out of this trance of “nothingness” suggested by the 4 of Cups.

5. CROWNING- Key 13. Major Arcana – DEATH

5.jpgPosition 5 is read as the probable future or distance future. It depends on which meaning you have decided to use. Here is a card of an ending, completion and finalization to use a few softer words. Many readers say it is not about the physical death of the body but a transition. A new cycle starting after the old one has been eliminated or weaned out. The Death cards is not as shocking as the Tower card, but still unsettling and upsetting. What a great image for the Death card. Guess who is waiting for you ….. notice the watch on the bottom left of the card. Time has run out.

Yes a big change awaits this situation, but in what direction?

[UPDATE:- Dec 8th- Joe suffered a stroke on Dec 6th 32 hours after he was released from the hospital to go home from an apparent successful heart surgery]


6. IMMEDIATE FUTURE. Queen of Pentacles.

An interesting card. This court card does not represent me and that means I will be approached or

contacted by a female that is described by the pentacles Queen, very shortly. Laura Clarson describes her as a woman over 25 years old, with darker hair and an Earth sign- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Something will need to be organized … it is one of the characteristics of the earth sign personalities. Now, it just occurred to me that there could be such a woman and she is a Taurus. But I cannot imagine her contacting me even though we have had a few friendly discussion over the past decade. Time will tell.

The Tarot staff of the Celtic cross in the next post.

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