Reviewing playing cards reading

This reading is from Oct. 5th using the 21 card layout found in the Card Reader’s Handbook written by Regina Russell and I will make reference to some of her meanings for the cards. [written permission granted by Regina Russell to use her copyright material from her book]

8club.jpg8diamonds.jpg9spades.jpg ……..5spades.jpg7spades.jpgKhearts.jpg……. 2diamonds.jpg6diamonds.jpg7diamonds.jpg

[the You spot] …[family/home] ..[the Wish]



Aspades.jpg10spades.jpg7club.jpg …..10club.jpg8spades.jpg2hearts.jpg….. Q diamonds.jpgKdiamonds.jpg6club.jpg

[Unexpected]….. [Expected] …….[To come]

I will only talk about the first four spots in this post. When I begin to analyze a fan of 3 cards I usually do it in point form. These are the steps I use (a) I write the meanings of each card, (b) I look for combinations (c) I include any additional insight which will identify the situation or person (d) attempt to blend the essence of the message using a+b+c. This is a simple method but it is effective.

I have about 3 readings that had the exact same spades combinations which date back to Sept/07. I became concerned about the 8spades.jpg9spades.jpg because through experience I knew it would involved a surgery-but as mentioned before in a few other posts I did not know for sure who.

[the You spot] 8club.jpg8diamonds.jpg9spades.jpg

8club.jpg– a card of conversations, the environment…offer of work

8diamonds.jpg-represents looking at a situation, planning, general finances

9spades.jpg-an upsetting situation, fate, a disappointment

[family and home] 5spades.jpg7spades.jpgKhearts.jpg

5spades.jpg-quitting a situation-separation, the leg, depression

7spades.jpg– setback, problems, alcohol & drug addictions

Khearts.jpg-a member of the family, usually a father

[Unexpected] Aspades.jpg10spades.jpg7club.jpg

Aspades.jpg– a decision, worry, death, the heart

10spades.jpg-something is wrong, worry, hidden, in the night

7club.jpg-argument, keeping busy, evaluation

[Expected] 10club.jpg8spades.jpg2hearts.jpg

10club.jpg-fluids, journey by/on/near water, business

8spades.jpg-a medical appointment, investigation, research

2hearts.jpg-pills, emotional excitability, a child


10club.jpg10spades.jpg– a trip, long distance travel. This trip is made out of necessity because the 10spades.jpg‘s is involved.

8spades.jpg9spades.jpg– a major operation or surgery

8club.jpg8diamonds.jpg-8’s side by side suggest a surprise or unexpected situation involving a conversation about….

5spades.jpg7spades.jpg9spades.jpg– a potential drug overdose….perhaps accidental?

5spades.jpg2hearts.jpg– a potential physical handicap

8spades.jpg9spades.jpg5spades.jpg– operation involving the leg area

10club.jpg10spades.jpg– a leakage

Aspades.jpg– this Ace under a fan of 3 cards indicate a decision has already been made. Or could it be that a death may occur and it is in God’s plan


News will come in about someone, probably a male member of a family who will require major surgery. There is much worry and concern about this condition because not all has been revealed. It will involve the leg area and possibly the heart. Thus a heart attack.

There are strong suggestive cards that point to a problem involving drugs….a reaction, an overdose or maybe even an allergic reaction.

There is only one spades.jpgtopping the fan but it is a heavy duty one which shows the end result will be upsetting. I have seen the combination of 9spades.jpg5spades.jpg7spades.jpg (drug overdose)in three separate readings and this concerns me. One of the meanings of 10club.jpgis body fluids. This can be read an pneumonia when in connection to the 8spades.jpg9spades.jpg which happens sometimes to a person who endures a stressful surgical procedure.

I asked the Tarot cards for more clarification on this reading…which is in the next post.

When I did my daughter’s cards last week and she encountered the issues around the vehicle, the Tarot revealed the situation around the current family member who had the heart attack yesterday plain as day in the following two cards….vandalism3.jpg [upheaval involving the family/home].

The bad news I said was coming was not only about her vehicle but it was yesterday’s news as well…vandalism.jpg It is very important to remain open minded when reading any cards because there are multi-level meanings that materialize and an oversight is very easy. There were other things I said to my daughter which made absolutely NO SENSE in the context of the Celtic cross I did but a few of those cards were  STAND ALONE situations.

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