Cosmic Tarot outcome- Queen of Swords


The Cosmic deck is illustrated in appreciation of it’s beautiful images and to demonstrate the study case of this Celtic cross reading.

7. MY ROLE in this reading. 5 of Clubs.

7.jpg The image is playful. Great precision and focus is required when playing any sports just for fun so that you do not hurt anyone. Within this card I see a Chess Game between two people of similar strength. Known as a card of competition it suggest the use of assertive efforts to maintain one’s position or to get the edge on someone. There are limits as suggested by the fence.

Yes I have limits in this situation too. It is not my place to go rushing off to the hospital to see this man. He is in the Intensive Cardiac Care unit and the rules are quite strict for visitors. The 5 of Wands tells me though I could playfully fight my way through the gates of the Iron Nurse standing guard.

There is a hint of anger in this card as well. The reason I say this is because the energy is channeled into a make belief fight -it uses the same type of energy as anger which propels you into action.

8. OTHERS. This spot represents the man in question. ACE of SWORDS.

Here we have a time card. The season of Autumn (Sept 21st). Libra.


This Ace is all about courage and strength of mind.

There are many positive qualities to the Ace of Swords. I think sometimes people forget that within every Tarot card is an equally opposite energy which is not always the Reversed meaning either. Worry is another meaning of this Ace and it connects well with the ACEspades.jpg. Aces are the seeds of the suit. The beginning of knowledge…. the beginning of pain…the beginning of struggles…etc

The Ace is about decisions. Many decisions require a hardened heart. It can mean a knife, scalpel or other sharp instrument used for cutting when other cards suggest hospitals and medical people involved.


I have always read these two cards to mean a tragedy of some kind- in my lengthy experience of this duo. The interesting point is that here we have the beginning (Ace) of the end (Death) contained within the 10 cards used in the Celtic Cross.

[UPDATE: Dec 7th- Joe suffered a serious stroke]

Is there a hint in this duo?


The image in the card suggests the feeling of being fenced in by the situation. The restriction is usually9.jpg self imposed through our own thoughts about how we see a circumstance. There are external influences which are depicted by the dark clouds in the background. Fear and the inability to move out of a situation are suggested. Sometimes all we can do is wait because we cannot control everything that seems to happen “to us”.

The card shows the two characters standing in water which symbolizes our emotions. They are not facing each other which means that aspects of our own personalities are divided and not in balance.As an advice card it indicates that outer events will prevent any movement in the situation in a short period of time. Since the Ace represent the Autumn months…it could take up until the 1st week of Winter because the direction of this situation can be seen- right before Christmas.[UPDATE: Dec 10th- after studying the 8 of Swords tonight and what I wrote it clearly describes what happens when a blood clot hits the left side of the brain. The personality is divided & not in balance. ]

9.jpg8.jpg These two cards point to an aggressive outburst. A situation that looks dormant is actually in the state of eruption- breaking out.

[Dec 7th -UPDATE:- outburst- the stroke Dec 6th, please sending healing prayers to Joe]

5.jpg9.jpgThese two cards suggest that there is nothing that can be done to avoid the transition or change that will be a result of the findings in this case study.


10. THE OUTCOME. The answer to the question. Queen of SWORDS.

I never like seeing this Queen as the outcome because it is NOT a positive outcome. Sure this Queen is very strong and a take charge kind of female but her meanings are also sadness, mourning and widowhood. Who is this Queen? Is it a person?

Does it represent the sword of separation? I see her as having strength even though she may have had her share of challenges in her life.Look at the symbol on her cape on the left side of the picture. It is the glyph for Gemini. This Queen is an air sign.She has learned to be her own best friend. She is in control of her emotions and leans towards being indifferent as a protective mechanism. Does this card answer our question? Some readers say that if a court card falls as the last card – it means that person depicted by the court card will have something to do with the outcome.

This Queen does represent a lawyer or doctor. Or an outcome that hurts.

[Dec 7th update:- 2 female doctors attended to Joe Dec 6th. “the outcome that hurts” is the new of the stroke over and above the open heart surgery which was to give him a chance for a new lifestyle]

10.jpg6.jpg 2 Queens in a layout suggest rivals or females in competition. These two are not likely to be friends. Could it be a wife and ex wife? It’s possible. When I find out I will post it.[UPDate:- Dec 10th- Today Joe has improved significantly, there are still concerns about the side effects of the stroke ……….. Right now it is a miracle …. and the important thing is to look at each day as a bonus]

6 thoughts on “Cosmic Tarot outcome- Queen of Swords

  1. I LOVE the Queen of Swords. You cannot work with the cards upon terms of “bad” or “good”. That is NOT what the reading necessarily means. First of all, there is a great deal to consider in the FIRST place whenever you partake in readings. One thing is that I was taught (I have been reading for friends and self since 1990) so I have to say that while I DEFINATELY will never claim to KNOW everything and anything; experience certainly does not hurt.

    That said, whenever you are performing a reading for self or anyone, you MUST concentrate and I say this regardless whether one knows this or not because I say it to MYSELF.Often times, we are not truly nor ALWAYS concentrating to our very best because we are fallible. What helps is to repeat your question as you are turning each card over because this will guarantee that you ARE concentrating with out a doubt and there is a point to WHY I am saying this.

    ANY of us can color our very own cards and the entire reading when we take a side on the appearance of any card. We have to refrain from even thinking that any one card is a “bad card” or a “good card”. The placement is where it counts, what is on your mind is what counts, your level of self honesty, the why and the when.

    Remember also, Court cards in a reading does not ALWAYS denote a person. It can mean the situation or the atmosphere of the situation. It can denote the importance of the question as well.

    The Queen of Swords is not necessarily a “bad” card. When you repeat your query as you handle each card and as long as you are able to look to more than one source for the meaning, you will find that the subconcious and to whom you call upon for assistance offers a panorama of the final outcome and the reason of its placement. Sometimes, you need to ask the question a little later as your conscious and your entire being can affect how you understand the answer.

    What I have also found is that you CAN ask any question AGAIN , say : a month later, and if the reading repeats a similar spread, then, in fact, you truly need to consider what the answer is warning you to do OR what the answer is confirming or reassuring you dependent upon that question. The mind is a very powerful tool in itself.

    The Queen of Swords has many different meanings depending on the question and position. She or the situation predominately means that to either:

    1). Take the matter seriously
    2). Take firm stance on whatever the matter is regarding
    3). Do not BS the person or the situation
    4) Get to the point of the matter
    5). Respect the situation or the person
    6). Do not sit on the fence over the matter
    7). *Side note: sometimes seeing two Queens in a reading could additionally mean two sides of a person or two sides of the self . May also mean that the one Queen may represent the atmosphere of the situation or both.
    8) I have found that if it is a matter of competition often will stand within combinations of the minor arcanas IF two Courts appear.

    I have found that if you go beyond seeking one answer that it may only limit your outlook. Sometimes, when you ask a question, it offers more answers if you allow yourself to view it in more than one meaning. Remember, also consider that more than one Court card also means the varying aspects of the querent or the subject in which you are inquiring. Or it could mean the attitude that you ought to take in the matter.

    In other cases, The Queen of Swords just may be the person or the situation that is needed. There are no “good” nor “bad” outcomes because of the fact that you have the edge on the matter by having an idea of what to expect.

    It would otherwise, NOT be a good outcome if you were not aware or did not expect what may come. That is the beauty of the tarot. It is like a Roscharch(sp?)-like approach through your subconscious as we most times KNOW what may come. The readings are not set in stone because the dynamics in life change constantly. It is part common sense and part being absolutely honest with the self.

    Lastly, The Queen of Swords isn’t so much “sad” as it denotes that she has been through her share of life and while she is in the drivers’ seat, she is not obnoxious or harsh or cruel (unless the others cards in the reading substantiate the issue. Sometimes it is better not to always seek to be happy go lucky about everything as that is where we end up the most disappointed. Here, the Queen of Swords is wise and takes no prisoners because she’s been there and done that.

    Other times, the more wise you become, the less disappointed you are in the matter. You do want the truth, don’t you? Isn’t that why we seek additional angles towards our nagging questions and doubts when we use the tarot? Don’t you want it straight? Sometimes, when I am in a sensitive state, I use a different (something more gentle and pleasing to the eyes, even pretty) deck which will illustrate the same truth in a more gentle approach.

    Men and Women share the genders of the court cards as each of us have either been the Queen of Swords at some point in our life. We do not always remain the same person our entire lives. The ending of a matter is usually better than the beginning of the matter.

  2. Oh, I also caught something in the one reading about Joe. What I could see on a different angle is that the Ace of Swords and the 8 of Swords is like the truth of the mattter and to take every precaution with a sharp mind set. To educate yourself in how to take care of Joe and to make sure that you will do your own research about the matter (as docs can get it wrong). Many times the patient or the family of the patient really does know what may be needed (for example: medications. The family should research what is being said and to be sure to help Joe make sharp decisions upon his care and do not heavily rely on what others may say. The 8 of Swords may also mean that Joe and family members may feel victimized on what is happening, even stuck).

    But look at the way the swords are positioned. There are spaces in between. Many times we may feel weakened to our position, but there is a way through it as the subject in the card can crawl between the swords. Sometimes, we may become exhausted with a matter and feel as if we are stuck. The death card would make sense as this IS a MAJOR transformation of how one’s life needs to be altered.

    It can feel like death, but if you look at the ground in the card itself (depending on some decks) there are some relieving aspects of such a change.

    It may be and feel horrible, however, it means that we have to truly alter the way we are feeling and the manner in which we approach it.

    There are so many answers within the reading for each of us to paint the entire landscape of the outcome. It is just as if you were a detective.

  3. Correction: I meant Jozefa with a “Z” (which makes this even more so meaningful). My error Madame Seaqueen. I’d like to offer my prayers for a meaningful and victorious outcome for Joe as the days progress.

    I re-read your layout again concerning Joe’s journey and I am still amazed of how accurate this turned out to be as you focused into the answers from each meaning.

    Madame Seaqueen, has anyone suggested or discussed a specialist who only concentrates on the progressive wellness of after stroke care (perhaps a third outlook)?

    I wanted to ask you, how is the female doctor treating you as you inquire about Joe’s after care? Is she considering your input or is she challenging your imput? I sympathize only as we are currently (and physically suffering chronic ailments in our personal life as well and I do relate regarding experience with doctors. I worked as an Medical/EMT Assistant for some years before I became disabled myself—long story—but this is not about me—-how ever, how do you feel about this paricular physician?)

    I have personally found it challenging to work with women (having one in the past where the heads are butting constantly). Not all female physicians are quite that way, however, is she working with YOU in a respectful and inclusive manner?

    Is she listening to your concerns for Joe’s after care and follow up? How do you really feel about her? Do you believe that you may be the Queen of Swords in this situation to make sure that Joe will recieve the very best preventative care?

    Again, I sense that YOU may be more powerful than you realize for Joe. What do you think? It is very important.

    Blessings to your mental peace and to Joe’s physical victory. I sense that you are his rock and protector some how much more than you know. Your presence may have saved his life.

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