Playing cards reveal heart attack

Playing card trio reveals heart attack, possible stroke.


Today I received news of someone special in our family ending up in the hospital with a heart attack. I don’t have all the details yet because it happened a few hours ago.The leg is involved – a blockage which is preventing the flow to the heart.A major operation is pending.

8 spades.jpg+ 9 spades.jpg + 5 spades.jpgQuoted from the above link to the post mentioning these cards.

“Interestingly, today I see the same spade duo and once again no court cards. This time the 5 of spades is involved. The 5’s would suggest one of the limbs of the body. According to Regina’s method, this card means the leg area.” 

[update: Dec 1st- the leg area was involved because the veins were removed to do the by pass on the heart] 


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