in continuation…

In continuation of the previous post using Astrological transit techniques regarding Rainring.

The ORIGINAL post has been modified and condensed.

 The main highlight suggested by the planetary configurations is change. What does change mean to a card system that has held it’s own for nearly 12 years? I does not mean the system will change in respect to the images on the cards, meanings and the core basis of the system- The pulse of Rainring will continue to beat and those who are at a certain level of understanding or need will continue to be attracted to it’s unique fluid structure.People’s minds bring change. When enough people tap into the pulse of what the Rainring is all about it will induce electromagnetic attraction. The people attracted to the Rainring are different than those from a decade ago. With the popularity of the Internet the general public can access many wonderful websites that teach all sorts of divination by all kinds of methods.Travel is in store for the system. It will reach distant lands and places that may not even know of it’s existence. There is a suggestion of expansion and broadening of horizons. A new breed of interest emerges from those who have studied various other systems. The appetite for understanding is piqued.The survival of the Rainring is not questioned. The planetary influences are based on when a person (business, event, thing) is born. The transits trigger certain planetary aspects and suggest the probability of these influences to manifest within a certain time frame. Only one technique has been used to summarize the information in this post. To learn more about this system… Peter offers an introductory course.   GO-TO-RAINRING. 

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