Astrologically speaking…Rainring

94Stranger says,

“Completion date 25/12/95 in Hastings, East Sussex, England.Time not absolutely certain, but Rainring says 1pm Greenwich Mean Time “


The astrological information above is from an ephemeris without any adjustments which take place when the precise time of birth is known. If the Rainring says it is born at 1:00 pm approximately a house system could be set up. If an exact time is not used there is the potential of delineating the incorrect Rising sign and Houses around the Astrological wheel. This is important especially when interpreting the transits (current planetary activity). I have decided to study only part of the major planetary aspects at the time of Rainring’s birth.

I won’t get into the Astrological jargon because it won’t mean much to those who have little Astrological background.

Born at a time when Pluto began it’s journey into the planet of Sagittarius, Rainring would be considered one of the creative pioneers in the development of the new order of card systems. Challenging the Tarot on every level. Sagittarius deals with truth, philosophy, higher learning, and adventures in the distant lands…just to name a few associations. Rainring deals with the search of the truth which can be found when a person wants to learn more about themselves. The adventures in the discovery of one’s philosophy on life.(Uranus sext Pluto)Rainring is viewed by some to be iconoclastic because it encourages a new spiritual approach regarding the technique of divination using cards. No matter which card system is used, the bottom line is that the main purpose of all these systems is fortune telling- the practice of predicting the future. Fortune telling is not only about the future but it is about the past and present as well. There are various degrees of fortune telling as well, namely divination. Divination by cards is not that much different. No matter which way you look at it- you need to learn how “to read” whatever is front of you, be it visible or non visible.(Uranus conj Neptune) Rainring may be open ended but it does not accept the traditional voice of the authority -it knows it is ahead of it’s time. It is not about old views. The system will be challenged by other systems of divination for the purpose of trying to understand it. This is commonplace for anything that is revolutionary.

As the system approaches it’s 12 birthday….wonderful disruptive opportunities are shown…some financial advantage…travel….connections with educational venues…the BEGINNING of the next 12 YEAR CYCLE…

to be continued … 

2 thoughts on “Astrologically speaking…Rainring

  1. Hi SQ,
    you are what is known by English kids these days as a boffin – someone who knows a lot of stuff! I’m totally ignorant about astrology, but certainly intrigued by this – and on tenterhooks to hear the next part. Only sorry I couldn’t give you an EXACT time – but only someone into astrology would have thought of noting that down at the time, I imagine!
    take care

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