Susan’s question about Lenormand

susanPosted November 8, 2007 at 5:43 pmhi,i have a reading for a pal who as not been well recently,i cannot seem to fit it together.xxMadame SeaqueenPosted November 8, 2007 at 6:36 pm  Hello Susan,Thanks for your feedback. Card readings should never be a substitute for professional medical advice. 10.SCYTHE- 30.LILY- 11.WHIP- 17.STORK -36.CROSS -35.ANCHOR -5.TREE- 16.STARA brief interpretation of the cards.The Scythe suggests an abrupt situation that has manifested around a younger man. The Lily brings additional energy to it which results in anxiety. The Whip shows discussions or conversations that will bring about some changes- Stork. The situation in question lasts but briefly and comes to an end- Cross. The Anchor stabilizes this condition or situation which is connected to the  (Tree) well-being. There is a promise of better days ahead- Star and the restoration of hope.

2 thoughts on “Susan’s question about Lenormand

  1. hi.ididnt tell him to choose one,do you have to ,and if so,does it go in middle,.and it was ,a straight,line,i keep getting something wrong with a gland,but i have not told him ,of course,.you have to be carefull what you say.xx

  2. Hi Susan,
    You don’t really choose the Gentleman card unless you do a specific layout, normally it falls into a layout by itself.
    Anyways what I will do is write up a brief interpretation of the cards and post it.
    This will give you an example of all the possibilities with these 8 cards- and it will be a good post for Lenormand combinations for others to study.

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