What do the standard Playing cards reveal?


Jane Lyle + Neil Breeden – Fortune Teller’s Deck – Oct.27/2007

-using the 15 card layout and some keywords from R.Russell’s system for each card-

-3 reasonable prediction can be determined for a male age 26-


10 club.jpg– a business, a trip near water

3 spades.jpg– confusion, a test

4 club.jpg– telephone call, a vehicle


:a phone call is received about or from a business. The information is not totally revealed but it is nothing serious. A minor miscommunication.

:news comes from a mechanics garage regarding some problems with a vehicle which requires repairs. The 3 spades.jpgdenotes a test and this suggests that the vehicle did not pass, ie. safety check, e-test etc.

:a trip is decided because of issues involving upsetting communication between “someone”



7 diamonds.jpg sum of money, additional resources

5 diamonds.jpgdiscussion around a table, a financial decision

KING spades.jpg– a man in a position of power & control


:a layout of money is involved regarding a vehicle that involves a business owner- the mechanic

:a lump sum of money comes through a “win” and is given by a dark haired man

:money is spent for a trip which required decisive action involving the upsetting communication



10 hearts.jpga partnership or relationship, a loved one, a place of amusement

2 club.jpg– a helping hand, a gift, an invitation

ACE club.jpg– legal documents, educational institution, a building


:an offer of a partnership comes through an invitation from an educational institution

:a legal document is given at a place of amusement as a gift, ie. lottery ticket

:a loved one forwards legal documentation regarding a visit



QUEEN spades.jpg– a woman in position of power and control, dark haired female, sadness

9 spades.jpg– distressing news, upset, delay

3 hearts.jpg a celebration, an emotional situation, connections to blood


:a dark haired female is distraught over news regarding a condition involving her blood

:a female in position of control is upset over an emotional situation

:an unhappy situation is filled with delays but will end on a positive note ending up in a celebration


2 MONTHS opportunites or challenges

ACE diamonds.jpg an invitation, exciting news, a new beginning

ACE spades.jpg vital decision, a death, worry

JACK diamonds.jpga young fair haired man, male connected to finances, an aggressive female


:double ACES suggest a sudden surprise involving a major decision that involves a young fair haired man

:a male connected to finances is very worried about an invitation

:an aggressive female hears news of an ending (death) which resulted from a new beginning

The blending (story) has not been done at this point only the “wording” of the cards.

3 ACES- suggests an upheaval in life direction, major changes will happen within 2 months involving many different areas. The ACE hearts.jpg is missing- this means that the home/loved ones are involved.

There are many combinations in this reading on top of the few key phrases I have given.

The story contained within this reading…..

1. Involves a young man who has purchased a vehicle. It required minor repairs but this new expense was not within the budget thus causing him much financial worry.

2. The young man and his girlfriend broke up and out of that hurt a trip was booked to travel a great distance over water. The decision appeared to be mutual & was triggered by aggressive behaviour.

3. The male has the relationship on his mind but did everything possible to salvage it. The girlfriend is a dark haired female. She is in an “upset” mood mainly because of her own issues and could have an imbalance in her blood work.

4. A significant change of lifestyle awaits this young man which can be an opportunity or challenge over the next two months.. however the crux of this reading has materialized within 2 weeks.

5. There was a small win of money but it came in the form of a compensation check from his employer for work that was done in the past. In any event it was a surprise and not expected.

There is much more to this reading. I just wanted to illustrate part of the process of delineation. A brief scan.




5 thoughts on “What do the standard Playing cards reveal?

  1. regarding to standard playing cards.I need an advice.while I was shuffling the cards,7 cards felt out from my hand.I don’t know what means and I don’t know how to interpret the message.
    thank you,

  2. Hi,
    2D is a card of small financial increases and many times represents a “gift”.
    5H is a wonderful opportunity to experience the fulfillment of something that is very important to you.
    9D shows some money coming in as well. Many times it will be a member of the opposite sex who brings positive energy into your life.
    6D is another minor money card and also a “let’s talk about it” card.
    5D shows discussions around a matter …since it is surrounded by diamonds, most likely conversation around a financial matter.
    3D suggest additional time spent on a job or if you are not working currently it will bring you a chance to be doing something and getting paid for it.
    3H is full of positive influence, showing happiness and a general feeling of “good” around the opportunities illustrated in all the cards combined. Many times 3H is an upgrade or promotion of a certain type that is long overdue.

    Because these cards all fell out while shuffling, traditionally the meaning of that is most of the suggested card meanings will come as a surprise or it is a matter that will take precedence over the normal flow of things in your life. In a lot of cases, it can mean that you should address some situation that is on the “back burner” or on your mind but has not actually become a reality.

    The summary of the 7 cards definitely points to a financial or tangible situation that will show progress or results in your favor.

    Thanks for the link for Kapherus, I was aware of it and have changed the blogroll link for him to forum.

    Have a great day. Let me know if you can “connect” to any of the suggested meanings of the above 7 cards.


  3. thank you very much…recently I started to study about the art of cartomancy…it is amazing because while Im able to read the tarot cards for my closed friends,I can’t do it for myself…with this cards it’s more easy to have a clue about some events in my life but I still struggle with the meanings of the cards..I hope step by step to understand better their message

  4. dear Madame Seaqueen,
    Recently I have bought Mrs.Russell’s book.As english isn’t my native language,I would like to know if she chose a significator card for the querent before reading.I haven’t read this information or maybe somehow I didn’t notice this.In case she didn’t choose any significator,how we know,usisng her method, which card represents the querent.
    thank you very much for help

  5. Greetings Tina:
    Thank you for your comment.
    Regina’s handbook is great. I have used her method quite successfully ever since her first publication. I don’t believe she uses a significator. What you could do is assign a court card for the querent prior to the reading based on her descriptions in the book. Another way is to pull the court cards out of the deck and ask the querent which court they are drawn to and use that one. Sometimes you can learn a lot in this method about what state of mind the querent is in.
    I hope this helps. Happy Cartomancy! Madame Seaqueen

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