Ditto! on Shustah(c) & standard Playing cards



Red 1 Death……………………….Blue 9 Big Wish

.I got a telephone call from Veronica today. She was very excited to tell me that she has received another opportunity despite the fact her contract was not renewed by the organization. I mentioned to her that it sure didn’t look promising but I never got a complete No or really negative cards in relation to her question. And she agreed that she was too quick to judge the reading and it was just a matter of time for the promise of potentialities to materialize.

It is not even 1 week since the cut off time for Veronica to find out about the contract renewal or other opportunities. As I read my own interpretation from the original 3 cards, this is what I said on Oct 21st,

“As I study Red 1 and Blue 9 my intuition tells me that a wish will come true but not in the way that is expected. I don’t get an overall positive feeling for the outcome. Anytime the wish card in Tarot 9 of cups is surrounded by negative cards it points to the unlikelihood of direct manifestation. The fact that the Big Wish is the last card tells me that something will develop, perhaps another opportunity for Veronica that stems from her original contact with that organization but maybe not within the organization. It could be the “drop of a name” reference or referral.”

Veronica was referred to another organization that could utilize her skills. The lead came from a female that was connected to the original job. This came up plain as day in the 6 card standard playing card reading. It is shown below.


see previous POST

.The Queen of Diamonds was the pivot or hinge card in the 6 card layout. This is precisely what happened.

I said, “The Queen of Diamonds is looking at the 6 of clubs. The responsibility of employment is in the hands of the Queen. This can develop in many ways. If it is Veronica’s card- then it is up to her to seize another opportunity. If it is a female manager- it could point to the discussion about an extension or something entirely different but within the same organization. If the Queen represents another co-worker there could be a situation come up that will enable this extension of the contract but not in the way that is obvious at the moment.”

“The responsibility of employment is in the hands of the Queen.” The Queen was the lady who made the referral & the Queen was Veronica because she had to accept the new position. Ditto!


7 thoughts on “Ditto! on Shustah(c) & standard Playing cards

  1. Hello Tarot Dame,
    It never ceases to amaze me how accurate the Pages of Shustah(c)and standard Playing cards are.
    I really cannot choose between the different methods of card divination. I love them all, although my longest relationship has been with the Tarot.
    Long Live the Tarot- ha-ha

  2. They’re all wonderful! Isn’t it great to have so many varieties? I do plan to delve into reading standard playing cards at some point. In the meantime, I’m a happy camper with my tarot and occasional oracle…but it’s always nice to have something new to look forward to learning!

  3. Hi Seaqueen,
    Talk about synchronicity! i was just typing to Kapherus the exact same thoughts about how wonderful to have all these oracles, in response to a reading on Rainring that he has just done with shushtah to parallel yours using the tarot.
    My response-comment highlights my sense of the present difficulty in which Rainring finds itself. I would be VERY grateful if you could find a moment to have a look at this – I would appreciate your input a great deal at this important moment.Here’s the link:

  4. Hello Peter,
    I have read Kapherus’ reading using the Shustah(c) system.

    At this point I would prefer to introduce another system of divination that does not require the physical use of “cards”. Perhaps I can extract more information that will be useful. It will either confirm or challenge both the Tarot & the Shustah(c).

    What I need from you is the birthday of the Rainring system. “What date was the Rainring system born”. For example. Oct 10, 1996 at approximately 3pm CET London England. Yes you guessed it -an astrological reading.


  5. Hi Seaqueen,
    Completion date 25/12/95 in Hastings, East Sussex, England.
    Time not absolutely certain, but Rainring says 1pm Greenwich Mean Time (but check because we have two time systems – one is British Summer Time and December is during the other one, whatever it’s called!) and hopefuly that will be good enough – what I remember certainly wouldn’t contradict that.
    (There’s been a one-card recent addition, which I couldn’t date accurately, but I would regard it as a piece of minor tidying up – the big business was concluded on the above date.)
    Hope this suffices

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