2. SHIP- Lenormand style cards


.The Ship/Boat card is a welcome card in any reading. It predicts travel of various types. When it is not referring to an actual trip it suggest travel of the essence or meaning associated with the card preceding it.

There are connections to the exporting and importing industries which include a huge variety of businesses.

The Ship card has a strong relationship with the 3 OF WANDS in the Tarot in the “business” meaning. Sales, merchandising, purchasing, industries associated with travel- travel agencies etc.

There are connections to the Gipsy SIBILLA style fortune telling cards like the Zigeuner, Biedermeir, Art Deco etc. The SHIP card is all about movement as are the STORK & RIDER cards but in a slightly different way.journeyeekes.jpeg

Combining the Ship card is also fairly easy and there are many “creative meanings” as well. Listed are some popular combinations + a few others.

-SHIP + STORK = air travel

-SHIP + PATH= travel by land

-SHIP + RIDER= travel by train

-SHIP + HOPE= spiritual travel- creative visualization

-SHIP + LADY = the female is planning to go away. LADY + SHIP = the female is at a distance, or on a trip

-HOUSE + SHIP= receiving visitors form afar, as a KING- the man of the house (male member of the family) is away on a business or pleasure trip. If the SNAKE card is beside the KING (house) it could be a romantic get away.

There are hundreds of possible combinations for the SHIP card. I consider this card NEUTRAL energy because it will take on the cards beside it in positive or negative experience. For example:

SHIP + SCYTHE = an emergency errand or trip -something that was unplanned. ie: you get a call from a friend with a flat tire and you go to help out, you find a delivery notification in your mail box and have to drive across town to pick it up. SHIP + CLOUDS + SCYTHE = possibility of an accident during travel- a blown tire, fender bender, getting stopped at the border (clouds-King Clubs + Jack Diamonds-scythe= Aggressive man in uniform). SCYTHE + SHIP = cancellation of travel plans, going away to take care of business, ie: a death occurred and you need to take care of the legalities. Usually the CROSS + LETTER cards are very close by.

Reading Lenormand cards requires a very open mind to possibilities. There is no right or wrong way to interpret these cards but it is helpful to understand a few foundational meanings. You might like to see the SCYTHE in your layout of cards because you associate it with “CLEANING UP a situation or problem”. The SCYTHE can mean pruning the rosebush, weeding the garden. It can suggest a surgical procedure to remove “something”.


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