#22. Path- Lenormand style cards


22. Path /Road

22. PATH– Choices. Being presented with alternatives. A road trip. A card of being apprehensive. With the BIRDS or STORK card –travel by air. As a person (Queen of Diamonds) –restless, a mover & shaker. Coupled with the ANCHOR card a definite decision that will be based on thorough research. Falling in the middle between the LADY and GENTLEMAN card- an imminent conclusion of a dilemma. On the fence about something.

A DECISION. From this theme we derive: choices, options, conclusions, solutions to name a few.

Below are some suggested combinations. The Path card is easy to combine.

Path+ Anchor or Fox = choices around work. Expect a decision or to decide.

Path+ bouquet= a decision about a /or from a woman. 2 Queens-two business women discussing work

Path+ fox (in it’s negative connotation)= A female who is sly and not trustworthy. Can be seductive (foxy) as well. Another level of this combo – Mistake or wrong choice. It is best to wait, the timing of this decision is not correct.

Path+ clover = a snap judgment, spur of the moment decision, spontaneity

Path+ lily = here we have 2 possible combos. The first one is whether intimacy is a good idea in a current relationship situation- the should I or shouldn’t I sleep with him. The other would involved choices of the bloodline- family. Path+ park = alternatives in direction involving a crowd or group of people, for example- planning a party, wedding, attendance at a concert, art gallery, convention etc. The decision made can involve publicity/advertising/promotion

Path+ scythe = warning, do not be careless or the road or drive your vehicle when upset or angered. You could be on the receiving end of a younger man’s wrath and sharp edged tongue.(Jack Diamonds) Or you are presented with an option that involves this man.

Path+ tower = to break up or not to break up that is the question. Look to the card following the Tower to get more information around this theme. Could be something simple like having choices in booking a hotel room or even looking at apartments if the Stork card is very close by.

Path+ mountain = alternatives do not look promising. There is still work or obstacles ahead. It can be done but you need to find out if there is an easier way. Avoid short cuts. The challenge ahead of you might be a blessing in disguise- best not to take short cuts. If the Sun card follows you will make the right choice. If the Clouds follow- think every thing over thoroughly while you still can.

Path card describing a person- always see both sides of a situation -indecision-personality is similar to Libra -fairness -needs more facts -living 2 lifestyles simultaneously -a judge


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