more on Shustah(c) Death + Wish


Pages of Shustah(c) Red 1 Death & Blue 9 Big Wish

.These 2 cards came up in a previous post using a 3-card-layout. Here we have a NO and a YES side by side. This duo suggests the death of a wish. Even though the Blue 9 is the last card suggesting the fulfillment of something near and dear to the person involved in the reading it does not mean it will be attained in the way that had been hoped for. The Red 1 card put a stop to that. On the bright side of the interpretation, out of the death or ending comes a new opportunity or beginning which can lead to the manifestation of “a wish” coming true.

In our example from the previous post Veronica wondered if another opportunity would come to her from that organization if her contract was not renewed (and it was not). It sure does not look like it or she would have been told yesterday. When you look at the red card it seems as though the grim reaper is getting ready to chop up all those hearts in the blue card. And perhaps her wishes were born out of nothing- something that could never be.

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