Health question

I recently had a close friend of mine request of me to ask on his behalf the following question, “ask the cards if you will if my anything in my neck and/or cerebral blood supply is causing this condition….thanks

Initially I did not want to ask the cards a health question because I am not a medical professional. I explained my feelings and because he has already gone to a doctor and had tests which showed nothing is organically wrong, but his symptoms still continued- I agreed.

Below are the 6 cards from the Fortune tellers deck by Jane Lyle that I drew, using the Regina Russell 6 card layout. In Regina’s book Card Readers Handbook she has a section called Health Rulership of the Cards (c).

All the cards are black and 5/6 are spades. Not exactly a positive reading at first glance.


left spot 1- describe the recent/ past or the basis of the question. Queen Spades, 5 Spades

.The Queen Spades can represent the doctor that was visited. Usually when the 5 Spades is beside a court card it does suggest a divorced person. In Veronica’s case about the contract renewal it meant a separation from her contract and a manager. In this case the 5 Spades represents fear, the fear of not knowing what is causing these symptoms.

middle spot 2- describe the future outcome or result of the question. 9 Clubs, 6 Spades

.The 9 Clubs is a card of “distance” or the future. It points to the fact of continuing in a certain direction – it can be an actual journey by land. The medical meaning of this card is the pituitary gland. 6 Spades is the back or spinal area. Some of it’s meanings are travel as well. In certain situations- completion or ending something. Within this card is a feeling of not knowing what’s ahead. It suggests getting rid of something or eliminating it. To break through conventional medicine perhaps to find the cause of the symptoms. These 2 cards indicate a strong uncertainty.

right spot 3- describe the present or current process leading to the result of the question. 3 Spades, 7 Spades

.3 Spades is a specific test such as an x-ray. This card’s influence throws more confusion which needs to be understood. It specifically means a “block”. In the medical context a disease or an infection is suggested (many spades). A decision is necessary- a forced decision. The 7 Spades indicates problems, delays and setbacks. This means that tolerance is needed because the symptoms are not getting any better. One of Regina’s meanings for this card is medication/drugs.

PIVOT or HINGE card- 7 Spades

.I think the answer is within the pivot card. In my interpretation of what I think from analyzing the cards is the fact that perhaps some medication taken is creating these symptoms. The block depicted by the 3 Spades could be the lack of sufficient blood flow which is in turn slowing down certain functions that in turn are coming out as symptoms- the body’s way of telling the person -hey something is wrong. Just like the skin. If there are internal issues the skin will break out.

The 6 Spades is telling me to get rid of the meds for awhile or to change them. I do know for a fact a prescription was changed in the last 6 months. My gut feeling is that he needs a second opinion.

[A word of caution when trying to interpret medical situations using any types of cards- if mistakes or incorrect diagnoses are made by medically trained people -you could mis-read the cards, too. I prefer not to answer these types of questions and highly recommend the person seeks the appropriate professionals to be treated.]

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