Lenormand in Celtic Cross


Lenormand in Celtic Cross

.I withdrew the LADY 29. Hölgy card from the French Cartomancy Lenormand deck and used it as the Significator card to represent the female in this reading. The Celtic cross will be a brief overview of how one can read the Lenormand in these designated positions traditionally belonging to the Tarot.

The question was general – “what is it I should know about the next 3 months?”

1. COVERS HER card- FISH/KING DIAMONDS. 34. HalThis female is shown to be very concerned about her financial situation. The FISH card is also a lighter haired male that may be involved to some degree with her current dilemma.[Nov 23 update:  lighter haired man is involved] 

2. CROSSING HER card- TOWER 19. Torony – influence card of opportunity or challenge.Here we have 3 possibilities. The first one is involving her finances. FISH & TOWER = can suggest a professional building such as a bank or lending institution. The second possible meaning is that there could be a hospital or medical clinic connected to a male that is close to her or on her mind. The third potential meaning is that alcohol/drugs could be an issue around a male of that coloring, usually someone older than 35 years. A possible concern for the female.[Nov 23 update: lighter haired man over 35 + is hospitalized Nov 16/07] 

3. BENEATH HER card- BOOK. 26. Könyv. A situation or information that is not fully revealed at the time of the reading. Unfoldment of this entire situation stems from the fact that there is a lack of sufficient money or lack of conclusive medical findings.[Nov 23 update:  the lack of information involved a pending health condition-heart attack which occurred Nov 16th] 

4. BEHIND HER card- KEY. 33. Kulcs. Even though this influence or situation is in the process of passing it is still currently active. The obvious meaning is to open or close. In this case there is an opening of information which will lead to a decision or path to some sort of success in resolving whatever it is concerning the female. At this point it could be 1 of 3 things, all of them or something else that has not been delineated yet because I am going step by step in this interpretation.

5. ABOVE HER card -RIDER. 1. Lovag. This cards strongly points to information that is on its way or the further development taking the natural process of manifestation. Yes there will be the arrival news. Since this spot can represent a possible outcome, I would want to read it as a for sure situation, only because the energy of the Rider is already in motion.[Nov 23 update: news arrives about a heart attack] 

6. BEFORE HER card- SCYTHE/JACK DIAMONDS. 10. Kasza. Within the next few weeks this female will deal with some upsetting and startling news or situation. The Scythe card is a powerful energy which severs or eliminates. This can be positive or negative. So far we know that the female in question has a pending disruption coming up with regards to the FISH card and all the possible meanings of that card. As a people card, there could be the involvement of a young man as well – since it is a diamond, it would represent finances as well. However it can mean ones well being.[Nov 23 update- reading was done Oct 23 and within 3 weeks the startling news comes, the young man is the son of female involved] 

[She did not divulge any concerns to me and kept her question simple. I bet though it was in the back of her mind.]In combination the Scythe+FISH= potential financial chaos and problems+FISH/KING DIAMONDS= a painful circumstance around the male represented by this card+TOWER= a serious problem involving people in authority or professionals+BOOK= important consequences or results+KEY= don’t count on the current apparent stability of a situation.  No matter which way you combine the Scythe card it looks like the indications are unpleasant & provoking.[UPDATE- Dec 8th-  fair haired man suffers a stroke, a painful circumstance involving a serious problem with people in authority or professionals (doctors/nurses/specialists) -unpleasant, provoking]

7. HER ATTITUDE card- CLOVER. 2. Négylevelű lóhere. She has an unrealistic approach right now. It may be optimistic but it definitely will not continue that way for very long. The female is in for a rude awakening.[Nov 23 update:  the rude awakening is the serious condition of the man 35+]        

8. ENVIRONMENT/EXTERNAL INFLUENCE card- BOUQUET/QUEEN SPADES. 9. Virágcsokor. If you look at the layout the Queen Spades and Jack Diamonds are looking towards each other. This combo indicates that the female is dealing with an aggressive older woman in her environment or at least her negative influence. Because of the nature of the entire theme of the reading the positive meanings of the BOUQUET card are lessened.[Nov 23 update: the aggressive female is the partner of the male 35+] 

9. HOPES/FEARS card- CHILD/JACK SPADES. 13. Gyermek. This spot can also provide immediate advice. The CHILD card reflects her fears of a situation that is not fully mature yet. When you tie the CHILD card with the BOUQUET/QUEEN SPADES there is evidence that the Queen is an upsetting/domineering mother figure involved. If this comes to be true, we would have to take a second look at the FISH/KING DIAMONDS card- it could be a father or partner of the Queen.[Nov 23 update: the fair haired man 35+ is the father of the child] 

1 0. OUTCOME card- MOON. 32. Hold. This last card would confirm the emotional links between the people cards. The Moon card can be tied into the sign Cancer. In Astrology the moon rules Cancer and represents the 4th house- the home and one of the parents, usually a mother. The MOON card is about fluctuating feelings, sensitivities and memories. Within this card lies the hint of a time frame -28 days. Intuition is important- to following hunches, dreams & those gut feelings you get from time to time. Moods or a depressive state of mind are possibilities as a result of the influence of the SCYTHE combinations. Some Lenormand Cartomancers assign the meaning of honors to this card. In lieu of the general reading this meaning is not applicable.[UPDATE: Dec 8th- one of the side effects of the Stroke was partial loss of memory, depression] 

The last card does not give a direct answer but it does help to blend the cards of the reading. This reading strongly suggests a disruptive family situation that will unfold. The mother or female depicted by the BOUQUET/QUEEN SPADES will experience much anxiety and nervousness by the next full moon cycle. This in turn will affect the female of this reading for some reason. There is a shock or surprise that will have to be dealt with.[Nov 23 update: this reading came to pass within 1 calendar month, tomorrow is the FULL MOON.  The female is upset because the news came about a serious heart attack which will require open heart surgery the early part of next week Nov 27? and hopefully NOT on Nov 28/29.  The reason being because the Moon is in Leo which rules the heart- not a good time Astrologically to be doing any kind of heart procedure.  Statistically it has been proven that when operation occur on parts of the body in which the moon transits there are problems with excessive bleeding – in this case it can be fatal because it involves the heart

{a blood clot formed } 


The RIDER’s news is fast approaching.

[December 1st- the surgery appears to be successful.  There was a change  midstream in the procedure and the intended triple by pass was not possible- only a double by pass.  The patient is recovering rapidly and is looking forward to leaving the hospital some time next week]

[December 7th- the male suffered a stroke and has been hospitalized again] 


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