Asking Pages of Shustah(c)…

Today I decided to ask the Shustah(c) cards a question connected to the post using the standard playing cards.

I find that Rev Ken Foor author of the DAILY READING & MEDITATION blog writes his interpretation of the Shustah(c) cards with a Spiritual approach. He taps into the intuitive side of these cards which I find helpful.

Additional information can be found at The Art of Cartomancy which is written by Kapherus.

My question was, “will another opportunity come from the organization” if the contract is not renewed?”


Black 12 Pisces, Red 1 Death, Blue 9 Big Wish

.Position 1– describes the basis, foundation or reason for asking the question.

Here we have Black 12 Pisces– This card could represent Veronica (her sun sign is Pisces). Some of the Astrological characteristics of Pisces are sensitivity, perception with a going with the flow attitude. Pisces is a complex sun sign because of the opposing energies within. For a Pisces to find equilibrium requires great strength of focus. How does this card fit into the 3 card reading? Maybe Veronica is wanting one direction in her work or career objectives but feeling something entirely different. I am not quite sure.

.Position 2 – describes the situation, issue or question. This spot is a little different in meaning than position 1 because it will give more detail on the nature of the energies involved in the card that falls here.

The 2nd card is Red 1 Death. I know that this card is about endings and completions. In regards to the question, Red 1 suggests that a natural conclusion has occurred. It is hinting at the fact that the contract will not be renewed in the capacity that was originally asked by the standard playing cards in the previous post. (link above) A new energy is emerging, a new beginning or new approach. We all know that the death of something means a transformation and another level of development is pending.

.Position 3– describes the potential outcome, advice or probable future.

The Blue 9 Big Wish is a very promising card to have in this position. It seems as though Red 1 and Blue 9 are complete opposites in energy but I think that because of the suggested meanings of the Death card – the big wish has a good chance of materializing. The question was about other opportunities which will stem from the job that has just run it’s course. Within this card is a “yes” message.

After reviewing the post written by Kapherus on Blue 9 and he mentions that if unfavorable cards are nearby, which Red 1 is to some degree, that consideration is necessary to clearly define what is really wished for. I know that sometimes what we wish for does come true and it is not always a good thing. If our intention comes from a fear we can get exactly what we don’t want or in this case, the opportunity might not be in Veronica’s best interest.

As I study Red 1 and Blue 9 my intuition tells me that a wish will come true but not in the way that is expected. I don’t get an overall positive feeling for the outcome. Anytime the wish card in Tarot 9 of cups is surrounded by negative cards it points to the unlikelihood of direct manifestation. The fact that the Big Wish is the last card tells me that something will develop, perhaps another opportunity for Veronica that stems from her original contact with that organization but maybe not within the organization. It could be the “drop of a name” reference or referral.

I will find out the results next week and then I will go back and study both the Shustah(c) reading and the playing cards.

[As always the Shustah(c) cards are illustrated for the purpose of experimental delineation & study]

9 thoughts on “Asking Pages of Shustah(c)…

  1. Great reading! I so love the look of these cards. From what I’ve heard, they’re only available for sale via snail mail. I haven’t found them for purchase online yet, despite my many searches!! 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment. Try contacting Rev Ken Foor, he may be able to help you out with the Shustah(c) deck. Just click on the link at the beginning of this post called “DAILY READING AND MEDITATION”.
    You are right this deck is not available on line, on rare occasion Ebay has a listing for this deck but it is scooped up fast.
    I really like these cards, too and find they answer questions in a way that the Tarot is not traditionally conditioned to.

  3. hello,
    i WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHat HAPPENED WITH KAPHERUS SITE.I used to read his interpretations and advices in the same time with the informations from this site.If somebody can help me why I can’t open his web site I really appreciate it

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