2. Clover combinations- Lenormand style cards


2. Clover – positive energy, fast moving, short duration, lucky streak.

RIDER 1+ clover= news is on its way about getting some additional financial resources. In some cases this Rider duo points to a surprise outing to meet someone in a romantic capacity. Usually it does not lead to anything because it is one of those situations that is chemically induced aka lust. If you are a horse owner – your horse will win the race.

SHIP 3+ clover= many times this duo represents buying travel tickets on stand by. Expect to do some traveling- have an overnight suitcase packed when you see this combination in the near future lines or spots.

COFFIN 8+ clover= no matter how bad a situation looks or how challenging it is- the end is near and fast. If you had a question in mind the answer is a “yes”.

BOUQUET 9 + clover = a small party or celebration. As a female, wonderful news is delivered that will brighten up your day or week.

CHILD 13+ clover = an unexpected new start or new direction. Something that was not anticipated will occur but one needs to remember it is still in the beginning stages. Child as a person would suggest a brief happy situation around a son or daughter.

FOX 14+ clover= using the Fox card in it’s negative connotation this duo suggests faking something. It is like that quick smile you receive from someone that is forced and not meaningful. That almost “too sweet” smile.

BEAR 15+ clover= an important male will bring good news, issues around finances come up suddenly. If you are being coherced or bullied into a situation – rest assured it will stop immediately.

STORK 17+ clover= you guessed it right if you thought that your luck will change. The stork does bring change- look to the card before or above the Stork card to see what or who will create this change. Whatever or whoever is involved the outcome is good even if it is for a brief time.

TOWER 19+ clover= the thrilling moments shall pass because the situation or person will disappear shortly. As they say “enjoy the wave”. You could find yourself inside of a very tall building within a few days of the reading.

LETTER 27+ clover = surprising (positive) or startling (negative) news will arrive very soon.

LADY 29 (or GENTLEMAN 28)+ clover = an event or situation will come to pass within 3 days of the reading. Look to the card following the clover to determine what it is. With HEART it will be a romantic/relationship situation, with ANCHOR or FOX it will be in the work/career arena.

LILY 30+ clover= this duo could mean making love in a fun location & quite unplanned, ha-ha. Lily as a man would indicate a dear friend who truly likes you will save the day, so to speak.

FISH 34+ clover = increase in money, luck at games of chance or gambling. If you see this duo in the present-to come or immediate future lines you can expect to have more money than you started out with – lady luck shines on you.

These are a few examples of suggested interpretations.


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