Example of 6 card Reading

This reading was done using Regina Russell‘s 6 card layout that is included in her book called the ” Card Readers Handbook“. The summary of the reading below is using Regina’s card meanings to illustrate the delineation process of the layout as well as some additional insights I have.

The entire deck of 52 standard playing cards is shuffled and 6 cards are selected to answer a specific question. I have had great success with this layout over the past several decades. The odd time the question wasn’t answered but those were rare occasions. And that could have been because the question was not specific or direct.

In the image below you will see the cards involved. I will briefly describe the meanings of the cards in the positions.

The answer to this question will be revealed on Friday or Monday.


Question: Will Veronica’s contract be extended?

.The first two cards- Ace of Diamonds & 4 of Hearts describe the recent/ past or the basis of the question.

.The second two cards- King of Diamond & 6 of Clubs describe the future outcome or result of the question.

.The third two cards- 5 of Spades & Queen of Diamonds describe the present or current process leading to the result of the question. The spot is basically the now spot.

.The Queen of Diamonds in the bottom right hand corner of the spread is the trigger or the “pivot card for the spread”.

Recent/past-The Ace suggests a new beginning and new people. An invitation was offered to Veronica for short term contract with an organization. She accepted.

The 4 of Hearts points to a mutual agreement which occurred from this invitation. A type of partnership was formed, mainly employee-employer partnership. This card’s meaning is marriage also but we are not asking a romantic type of question

Present or Current- The 5 of spades is a card suggesting loss of opportunity. The core meaning of this card is the ending of something. Within this card lies the meaning of having to basically fend for yourself.

The Queen of Diamonds would represent Veronica. It could also depict another fair haired female that could be involved in the final decision about the contract OR it is quite possible the contract will be extended because of a lighter haired female’s activities and not necessarily the person who would help out to secure the contract. Sometimes position become available through synchronicity- being at the right place at the right time.

Because the Queen of Diamonds is the card to really study before coming to any conclusions regarding the outcome of the question- it does shed a ray of hope because it is generally a positive card. But because the 5 of spades is so close it would influence the positive energy to a some degree.

Future outcome/result- The King of Diamonds is a male surrounded by financial power or who is in a position of strength. This could be a manager or the person responsible for agreeing to continue this contract. After all, it will cost the organization money to pay Veronica’s wages.

The 6 of Clubs indicates that someone (King of Diamonds) will want to talk to her. This card also means “to provide a service”. The 6 also means electronics to some degree such as radio, stereo systems and even sports. The core meaning of the 6 of clubs to take take things into your own hands.

The answer to the question is not totally negative….

There is only 1 spade and it touches both the King and the Queen. The court cards are from the same suit – indicating some sort of relationship between these two people. The 5 of spades is between the 2 court cards and that strongly suggests a separation- a parting of ways.

The Queen of Diamonds is looking at the 6 of clubs. The responsibility of employment is in the hands of the Queen. This can develop in many ways. If it is Veronica’s card- then it is up to her to seize another opportunity. If it is a female manager- it could point to the discussion about an extension or something entirely different but within the same organization. If the Queen represents another co-worker there could be a situation come up that will enable this extension of the contract but not in the way that is obvious at the moment.

It looks like the reading is leaning towards a yes however there are 2 strong cards suggesting a no, the 5 of spades & the 6 of clubs. I have always read the 6 as a card that points to “it’s up to you”.

[Another very interesting thing is that the organization has a great deal to do with providing a service related to “radio” – 6 of clubs] The answer to this question will be revealed either Friday or Monday.


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  1. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi (and for adding me to your blogroll)! You were the first one to comment on my new blog…how exciting! 🙂 I too, love your site. It’s very intriguing to me, as I am not personally familiar with the styles of cards you use, and I’m always interested in learning more. I’m slowly making my way through your archives! Thanks again for saying hi!

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