Asking Tarot about the Rainring cards – celtic cross

I’ve had this reading done for a few weeks now. I have asked the Tarot cards about people, businesses, ideas and just about everything else under the sun, but never about another system of divination using cards. Seeing that Peter Ryley has already asked the Rainring about the Tarot, I thought it would be interesting to ask the Tarot about the Rainring.

There are many different layouts I could use for this experiment that would be a lot more simpler than the full 10 card Celtic Cross. I opted for the Celtic Cross anyways because I was curious about the entire process of delineation in this special reading.

I selected Key 0 The FOOL to represent the Rainring cards but did not remove it form the deck. If the FOOL card falls in any of the spots it is treated the same way as if it is a person’s significator card.

My reason for selecting The FOOL card is because the Rainring cards are starting out on a journey- the deck has it’s own soul- even though they may have been around for a decade (according to my research-hopefully I have the correct information & Peter can confirm this data). The other reason is because when you see The Fool card in a layout it does suggest a leap into the unknown- the Rainring is the tool for taking that leap into yourself- which is the unknown areas of the totality of “you”.

This is the question I asked. Before I continue I should add that this is a distance-absent reading. The person is not here, the person meaning the entity- the Rainring cards. When I do readings such as this, I channel the information through me, I become the conduit and I become a representative for the person or in this case the Rainring. Since I have already gone through a minor discovery process with the deck I can tune into it better.

The following study example using the Tarot to ask about the Rainring is done purely for experimental reasons.

Question: What is the development of the Rainring cards path? Time frame 6-8 months.

Card #1- present energy or environment surrounding the question.

Key #8 STRENGTH- The Rainring system is holding it’s own position at this current time. It had the stamina to endure the influences of the past. The system has learned to find it’s own comfort zone through the process of being out of control and misunderstood.

Card #2- opportunity or challenges facing the cards. In this position we find Key 21 The World. This card suggests a natural completion of a cycle. Within it’s energy is the opportunity for unity on a very large scale. The Rainring system has not reached the wholeness suggested by the World card, yet. But it will come because that is the opportunity contained in this card. The challenge of the World card is to find avenues for integration.

Card #3- the basis or foundation, the seed of recent experience. The 3 of CUPS in the spot suggests some celebration – the merging of energies and incorporation of people through party or play. It shows group bonding and group effort.

Card #4- this position depicts a minor cycle or “mood” that is passing, what has been experienced and can still be tentatively around but not for long. Here we find the ACE of PENTACLES. What this means is that growth has begun and a certain amount of financial energy has started to circulate. The Ace is the beginning of practical and tangible probabilities. With the right application the seeds of this Ace will reach maturity. The Rainring system has the potential to have financial success and be of practical use to those that come into contact with it.

Card #5- suggest an alternate future or what you really want as an outcome. I like to read this position as the guidance card because if the outcome is negative you are given some advice as to minimize the result especially if it is not to your liking. The 3 of WANDS is positioned here. So far we have 2 3’s signifying expansion.

Because at this point you cannot see the outcome card and I can- I want to stress the importance of this card. The 3 of Wands is about further new developments that will be necessary to factor in. More planning is necessary so that the seed of the Ace of Pentacles has a healthy soil to grow in. The nurturing aspect of the Wands card is to look ahead and prepare for the weather changes. The Rainring system will undergo a change that is a necessary part for it’s development- further investigations are coming. Additional and complimentary risks may occur.

Card #6- the imminent future or approaching influences. This card is very important because how one responds to it will determine the most likely outcome. The 9 of PENTACLES is placed here. This card suggest distancing and withdrawal from the richness surrounding the energy within. Something is missing. The Rainring system relies on itself. It is self contained. You have to remember that the challenges within the WORLD card warn about finding a way to integrate on a larger scale. Or you have come about as far as you will go- and another cycle or dynamic will begin.

Card #7- this is the you spot. How the Rainring system feels about itself, it’s own attitude in relation to the question. The 4 of SWORDS suggest that the “spirit” of the system is resting. It could be re-charging it’s batteries because it knows change is coming. It is conserving it’s energy as well in preparation for the realization of the 10th and final outcome card (only during the 6 month time frame).

Card #8- this spot represent outside influences, what other people think, opinions of the public (in this study example) and any contributing factors that can help or hinder the process which leads to the outcome or probable future. Key #6 The LOVERS is a positive card in this spot. The essence of this Major Arcana is cooperation, sharing, bonding.

The general public is attracted to the Rainring system the way that a man and woman are attracted to each when the sexual aroma of energy is released. Generally speaking it is a love-hate relationship. You either want to read the Rainring or you don’t. And if you do, you have to take the responsibility of having an on going relationship with the system. It takes a commitment.

Card #9- usually depicts hopes and fears. 2 of PENTACLES has fallen in this spot. The hope of this card means being able to handle the financial ups and downs associated with the Rainring system. The fear would be that the balancing of resources which requires much flexibility will not be there.

Card #10- the final result or outcome card is one of those cards that you don’t want to see in this spot. However all the Tarot cards have positive and negative influences whether they are right side up or reversed.

The last card is Key # 16 The TOWER.

Question: What is the development of the Rainring cards path? Time frame 6-8 months.

In some cases the Tower is a welcome card especially when change is inevitable or necessary. Many times a relationship or situation is nearly destroyed before it ends or goes to the next level of development.

There is a hint in card 6, the 9 of Pentacles that points to the comfort of the comfort zone. Knowing that the general welcome by others has a strong positive influence and knowing that the World is suggesting natural conclusions in the process of development, I think that unless card #5 is utilized the Tower card will manifest. This could be a good thing, too.

Despite all that, even if ” further new developments that will be necessary to factor in. More planning is necessary so that the seed of the Ace of Pentacles has a healthy soil to grow in. The nurturing aspect of the Wands card is to look ahead and prepare for the weather changes. ” does occur- it will probably induce the energy of the Tower card.

The Rainring system can participate in these changes willingly & cautiously. Or sit back and accept the changes when they occur. So what are these changes that are insinuated by the Tarot. It could be anything, but I have the feeling this thought-form has already been sent out into the Universe.

Is this a favorable answer to the question? Much depends on the reaction and the response to the Tower card’s influence. It can be the best thing that ever happened because in it’s most positive aspect – a new approach, new direction, new idea will be “forced” through circumstances.

The Tarot is strongly suggesting that a major shifting or change could occur if other horizons are explored.

The TOWER’s little helpers are 7 cups, 7 wands, 7 pentacles & 7 of swords.

The four cards mentioned above will help the expression of energy with the Tower card.
The cup will throw confused emotions into the explosion or release of energy.
The wand will provide strength & advantage throughout the changes.
The pentacle will teach a lesson in patient waiting.
The sword will locate the weakness or area that needs releasing.

The hidden Spirit within the Tower (16 =7 )is another powerful energy- the Chariot (7). This card will teach how to bring the energies back to the center in order to survive the change.

The surprising outcome that will take the Rainring system in a new direction with 6-8 months has already been “considered on some level”.

I think that the Rainring system can look into the nuts & bolts of the Tarot much more easily than the Tarot trying to understand the Rainring. Anyways that is my semi conclusion after doing the Celtic cross reading on the cards.
What I think is more important is how each of these systems help the person who is studying & using them.
It was a fun exercise and the information received could be valuable at some point in the future.

4 thoughts on “Asking Tarot about the Rainring cards – celtic cross

  1. Hi Seaqueen,
    It’s taken us 13 days to catch up with your having done this reading. We had no idea! It’s a lot to absorb in one go, but as I think I mentioned, I’ve started to try and do a little tarot work myself, and I’ve also drawn the tower in a way which would correspond with how it is placed in your reading.
    The remark about comfort zone hits the nail on the head. I think it’s already on the horizon that we will have to produce a step change in our approach to promoting the cards if we ever want to see them become more than a niche within a niche market. We already know that we will need to push beyond the frontiers within which we have been operating so far.

    Once again, we owe you a real debt of gratitude – your work is always of great interest, and how much more so in a case like this where something so close to our hearts is involved. Thank you!

  2. interesting to return to this after 2 and a half years (so long!)
    The aftermath was that I sold a few packs of cards, ran out of money and have been working ever since. However, during the fallowperiod (i.e. of trying to promote the cards on the web and not earning a regular wage) I wrote the directory of maeanings, a major piece of research which could only have been accomplished at a time of idleness vis-a-vis the external world.
    This last twelve months, I have chosen to work on myself, out of the feeling that the inner was blocking the development of the outer.
    Since the above period, both I and Hacina (my partner) have changed jobs, now we are moving from Hastings, where I have lived for the last fifteen years, to the Brighton area.
    In other words, a lot of changes. Whether we have yet accumulated enough charge to push Rainring forward into a new era, I don’t know. If at some point you feel moved to do a short reading to update the one shown here, we would be extremely grateful – but SQ, if you do, would you let me know by e-mail, as I am not blogging now, except with my students?
    Hope everything is well with you
    best wishes

    • Hi Peter,

      Great to hear from you. I would love to do another reading. I continue to blog mainly to test the accuracy of various decks in relation to events surrounding my dad. He is very ill at this time. My days are spent visiting him at the hospital and assisting my mother.

      I will send you a private email over the next several weeks.
      Best regards to Hacina.

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