Transit Mars in Cancer

Well it looks like Mars will be transiting Cancer for a good part of 6 months.

The transit begins September 29, 2007 until December 31st when it goes retrograde back into Gemini until March 5th 2008, back into Cancer until May 10th 2008.

What does that all mean in a chart? Most people will have at least 2 signs in a house and it all depends on the cusp (beginning degree) of the house.
Even though Mars goes back into Gemini it may still affect the same house and the areas ruled by that house.

Mars is a planet of action. It applies energy to the area of the house where it is located during the transit. Particular attention needs to be paid to the aspects Mars makes to the Natal planets mainly because it is an activator planet.

The important thing to remember is that planets don’t make you do anything- you have free Will. Astrological transits are tendencies of whatever energy belongs to the planet. Saturn restricts, Jupiter expands, Mars put into action etc.

Mars through the houses…….

House 1- you can become more physically active. Commitment to exercise or involvement in sports is possible. In negative aspect, headaches or dental problems can occur. The head area (ruled by Aries) would be vulnerable to injury like cuts, bumps, scrapes or even mosquito bites.

House 2- focus is on increasing income and things you value. Additional work or extra hours on the job are probable. Because Mars is male energy, there is a likelihood of gain through a male. In negative aspect, the suggestion is loss of money through impulsive decisions.

House 3- increase in communications. Information overload. Many short distance trips and errands. Learning how to operate electronic equipment. Relationships with sibling seem to be more often. In negative aspect, caution while driving. Avoid confrontations when angered.

House 4- attention to your environment and where you live. Time for redecorating and getting to those repairs you have been putting off. The urge to change residence is highly probable. Family relations become more intensified. In negative aspect, there is a word of caution to check all wiring so that there are no shorts in cables etc. to avoid sparks.

House 5- drive to have more fun. Energy put into entertainment, romance and situations with children. Wanting to just have a good time. In negative aspect, having too much of a good thing can become unpleasant if you are an extremist. Not a good time for games of chance.

House 6- more energy is put into your work or job. Focus on health related situations- to improve them. Anything that requires physical effort will increase effortlessly. In negative aspect, avoid getting involved in risky situations. Check all medications before you take them so that you don’t double dose.

House 7- interactions with other people is on an upswing. Good for getting things done but not totally on your own. Cooperation is needed and more will get done. Others seem to drag you into situations when you just want to mind your own business. Witnessing much frustration & discord between other people. Actively pursuing a partnership or to negotiate some deal. In negative aspect, confrontational relationships appear. The chance of winning is minimized. Possible legal issues.

House 8- joint finances are a focus. Issues concerning inheritance, taxes, or insurance is probable. Energy goes into paying off debts either of your own doing or because you have no choice. In negative aspect, money or something you need by be withheld. Possibility of the death of someone close to you touching your life.

House9- energy put towards education, long distant travel and things of a foreign nature. Ideal to pursue a publishing career or become actively involved in writing. A second marriage could occur. Issues around in-laws arise. In negative aspect, a second marriage is not advised, issues around court will not turn out favorable, travel is disappointing.

House 10- great for your reputation and standing in society. Attention comes to you. Contact with authoriative individuals increases. You may get more responsibility than you want. In negative aspect, avoid getting involved in secret situations or something you want hidden- because it will be revealed and your reputation is at stake.

House 11- energy goes into group or community type situations. Aggressively pursuing you wishes. Working alone will not bring you the same results as working in a group. Time to think about what you like & don’t like. In negative aspect, confrontations with males belonging to organizations. Lack of patience with slow progress of a group.

House 12- you may want to work behind the scenes more away from the limelight. Looking at issues from your past and trying to understand. Increase with involvement with large organizations such as hospitals, prisons, or charities. In negative aspect, health issues can resurface. Insufficient sleep. Restrictions are imposed on you.

The general information in this post is greatly modified when the totality of the chart is considered because Mars can receive strong positive aspects from Natal planets or the reverse could be true. It is provided to give you a basic idea how the transit of Mars affects each house. It is never a good idea to focus on only part of a transit when all the planets are transiting at the same time and making connections with your Natal chart.

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