#33 Key- Lenormand style cards

The Lenormand Key card has dual meanings within it such as the Scythe #10.

The most common meanings of the Key card are success, the ability to solve issues and guaranteed results.

The obvious suggestion is that the key opens & closes something- a door, a treasure box, a diary, a vehicle, a security box, filing cabinet, a jukebox, alarm system etc.

There are various styles of keys from the old fashioned skeleton to the modern remote control devices. This is important to remember because the key to a problem, situation or person involved is not necessarily visible. Although solutions and choices appear obvious the “type” of means to discovering the answer is revealed by unveiling the suggested meanings of the adjoining cards – to better understand- how. A simple process which requires skills in delineation.

Wherever the Key card falls in the layout it the indication is that a minor decision or choice could be facing the seeker of the cards. The nature of the decision results in the opening or closing of information.

Some simple combinations of the Key card

+sun, star= realization of hopes and wishes –

+anchor= secure job or career, options offered at work –

+fox= the source of the problem is a two faced individual –

+clover = super fast results or outcome – brain storming

+coffin = the answer is within the conclusion or ending-

+tree= A-OK test results-

+book = you will find out within a short time-

+scythe= no chance of a second chance-

+heart= you will get the commitment

+lily= a man comes to your rescue

4 thoughts on “#33 Key- Lenormand style cards

  1. Hi Madame SeaQueen!

    Your blog has been a savior for me in learning the Lenormand!!!! Can’t thank you enough!

    I had a question on the Key card… In a GT, is it a positive when the key falls between the Lady and Gentleman cards? (Man – Key- Lady)
    Perhaps meaning person B is the solution for person A?

    Or person A decides on something pertaining to B?

    • Thank you for your comment. In my view, the Key card is positive. Finding answers and solutions are positive even when we find out something we don’t really want to hear. In your example: gentleman+key+lady, the Key card is mutual decision making. It means there is a solution. The card following lady if there is one will tell more. If no cards follow, then it would be up to the Lady to accept. She would have the final say in the matter because she falls last. Depending what deck you are using and if you use directions, look at the way man and lady face. Do they both look at the Key card? Does one of them? If Lady looks away from Key card then perhaps she is just not into finding a solution or answer. Seaqueen

    • Thanks for you comment. When a card falls in its own House like the one you mentioned (Key) it means that it is at it strongest energy or meaning. The card is not modified in any way. So, if you are looking for a solution to a question the solution will be one of the main themes of the GT. Hope that helps. Seaqueen

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