#21 Mountain- Lenormand


#21 Mountain

The Mountain card has several meanings. Typically it represents blocks, obstacles, hurdles, challenges and even goals.

This card means that it would be better to climb the mountain getting to the other side instead of just standing there and thinking it is totally impossible to conquer. If you go the long way around the circumference (of the problem or situation) it will take longer and you may meet up with even more delays.

Dealing head on with the issue at hand is best. When you see the Mountain card in the future spots you can be sure that you will have to confront something rather major. Some thing or person is in the way. In order for you to progress and move forward that thing or person needs to be dealt with. Of course you can ignore or avoid the situation, but 9/10 times it will follow you because maybe you have to resolve whatever it is. Maybe you “need” that thing or person.

There are both opportunities and challenges in the Mountain card.

As a goal – it suggests that you need to break down your priorities into small steps to achieve the results you want.

As an obstacle – it warns that there is more work ahead of you prior to accomplishing what it is you have set out for yourself or what others may have put on your path.

As Spiritual guidance – there is no need to worry because on top of the mountain stands The Hermit with his lantern lighting your way. He will protect you and guide you so that you can see the rocks on your path.

Many practitioners of the Lenormand read this card to mean an enemy or adversary. The card can represent someone who has power over you, such as a boss or even the law. You will have to determine the theme of the layout so that the meaning you chose makes reasonable sense.

When in combination with other cards ……. such as the Lady or Gentleman, the Mountain card can suggest frustrations.

mountain + fish = indicates that something is preventing access to money or something you value

fish + mountain = the eventual struggle to have flow in abundance

mountain + moon = a truly sad time when one cannot snap out of a depressive mood

moon + mountain = the feeling of hopelessness and wanting to give up

scythe + mountain = a sudden emergency or chaotic situation

mountain + scythe = whatever stood in your way vanishes

mountain + heart = with more effort the relationship can work out

heart + mountain = expect more problems within a relationship

mountain + whip = a major conflict with a chance of negotiation

whip + mountain = serious discussion which creates more problems

mountain + book = tough time getting all the facts

book + mountain = more than likely the information remains hidden

6 thoughts on “#21 Mountain- Lenormand

  1. Hi SQ,
    I definitely agree with your views on the significance of the ‘mountains’ that we find in our path during our journey through life.
    The proprietress of a shop selling cards told me recently that she sells several packs of angel cards per week ( as against an occasional tarot pack) because people appreciate that there are no negatives in the angel cards. To me, this would be like saying that people appreciate an existence in which there are no challenges and no opportunities to grow as a person!
    I think I hate being propelled out of my comfort zone as much as the next man (or woman, I guess). On the other hand, I think for as far back as I can remember, I’ve regarded myself as a student in my life here on Earth. It seems to me that for a person trying to be a good student, the essential issue is: will this class give me opportunities to learn and advance my studies? rather than: will this be enjoyable enough? If it takes bitter herbs to heal yourself, you take bitter herbs.
    Perhaps the mountain is akin to necessary pain – if we have to experience pain in life, it’s because we have not yet reached a point where we can attract nothing but pleasurable experiences.
    P.S. what are ‘negative emotions? To me, they sound like a type of mountain! (?)

  2. Thanks for your comment Peter.

    I’m not surprised that the Angel cards may be preferred. I think the reason for this is because the Angel cards seem to give more direct messages and they are are esthetically pleasing. No one really likes to see a heart with daggers in it, as with the 3 of Swords in the Tarot.

    But a beautiful angel can relay the same message because there are fallen Angels from the hierarchy. Of course I have not compared any of the decks on the market & I might be totally off base with what I said, but I do have the Angel Blessings deck by K. Marooney.

    Yes what a wonderful fluffy life this would be if there were no hardships and challenges, lol. And if that would be the case then we have no need to take on a human experience because our soul would have no lessons to learn- or so that story goes…

    I agree with your statement about having to experience pain in life. I do see that within the Mountain card too.

    To me (the me that is collectively summarizing what others have written about), negative emotions “seem” to be identified as fear, anger, hate, doubt etc. I think that any of those I mentioned are part of the Mountain. On the other hand a person can be solid as a rock and be a source of strength for others.

    To me (the me that knows any emotions mean I can still feel something), negative emotions is that heavy energy that either contaminates your electromagnetic field and weighs you down or fuels you into action. It is a perfect opportunity to grow.

    I will address your other comments shortly. SQ

  3. Hi SQ,
    I’ve just looked up something from C.G.Jung’s Memories, Dreams, Reflections:
    This is from his visit to the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico: “Suddenly a deep voice, vibrant with supressed emotion, spoke from behind me into my left ear: ‘Do you not think that all life comes from the mountain?’ An elderly Indian had come up to me, inaudible in his mocassins, and had asked me this heaven knows how far-reaching question.”

    On a lighter note, Solandia at aeclectic tarot has just published a review of the Rainring cards. If you’re interested (I maybe should warn you, it’s very matter-of-fact!)here’s the link to the link – http://94stranger.wordpress.com/others-on-rainring/

  4. P.S. I’ve changed the page name to Others explore Rainring, just in case they disable the link above, which is based on the original page name.

  5. Hi Peter,
    In answer to the post on the Near Death experience I am not sure what happened. I’ve been playing around with the templates and maybe the link is disabled. I’ll look into it.
    Thank you for adding my blog to your post about the Rainring system.
    I read the review written by Solandia and wondered if “she” had ever played with the cards prior to what was written. I’ve read different reviews on books, cards, etc. and think that it is all fine and dandy but the person writing the book or creating the cards produces those works through their inner guidance. Who are we to judge that. It’s also like writing about chocolate ice cream but never having tasted it. It’s like sympathizing with someone who is in pain but never having experienced the same pain.

    It is far too easy to write about cards than to actually read them. If we all have become the teachers then where are the students. I continue to learn all the time. I am not satisfied with sticking to the traditions and I like systems that provoke new thoughts and approaches regarding cartomancy. Lately I have been questioning many aspects of religion and belief systems. I listen to an on line radio station called New Dimensions which is the perfect venue for thinkers of the new world we are building. There seems to be questions about God and what is beyond God. People are reaching beyond God- the traditional isn’t meaningful anymore. Just call me a back seat philosopher, lol.

    Even though I did the 1 reading with the Rainring cards and openly blogged about my own process of discovery- I did not incorporate the 4 mentions. I have to wonder if my findings would have differed. What do you think?


  6. Seaqueen,
    may I quote what you wrote if I need to?
    I am 100% in agreement!
    When you did your readings with the Rainring cards, Hacina and I LEARNT things.
    If you were ever to become involved enough in the Rainring cards to use them to the point where each card acquired a degree of familiarity, I’m sure you could write an important and valuable book on them. (If not, it will need to be someone with a similar gift and similar independence of spirit!)
    The number of visitors to your blog is testimony enough to the fact that you have your own important work to do – I’m not trying to cajole you! I’m just adding my voice to what you have said – inspiration should be met with inspiration. However, I think Solandia’s role is not to contact the unconscious, but to facilitate communication by those who can. After all, you and I are guests right now of the one or more geniuses who put together WordPress, right?

    Would you have got a different reading with the four mentions and umpires? You read differently to Hacina and differently to me in any case! Solandia says my mentions are vague – I think she’s both right and wrong. I know what they mean to me – but my understanding also develops and gets modified by the influence of others also. However, when you come along and read in a manner different to either of us, I don’t feel that this somehow implies that you are not accurate. You know the old thing about inspiration and perspiration? maybe it would be fruitful for you to study the cards more – but if so, the advantage you might gain from that would, it seems to me, be absolutely distinct from the traction you derive from intuition, clairvoyance or whatever the correct word is for your particular connection with the unconscious.
    This is getting a bit long. Why do I have the feeling that this topic is ongoing…?!
    Take care

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