The Tarot reveals a solution

This was one of the most gut wrenching experiences I have had to date involving the Tarot cards because of the way it happened. I totally and explicitly trusted the cards.

In continuation of this story, the lady called me about a month after that and was beside herself with financial worry. I did not want to read her so soon after the initial reading because it is my policy not to read for someone in emotional hysterics. I would much rather do Healing touch or one-on-one meditation with the person.

Nevertheless, I agreed because I was concerned about her. Besides that my inner guidance told me to do it. She only had one question and it was about her financial future. There were financial situations that she shared with her deceased husband but she also knew that he kept much from her about money. She accepted this and never questioned him.

The lady was already prepared to sell the matrimonial house, a home she cherished since she married as a teen. She would have been in her early 50’s at the time of the reading. However with no income she could not afford the bills etc. We did the Celtic cross using the same deck.

In the 8 the spot, the gracious High Priestess made her appearance. The 9th card in the hopes & fears spot was the Ace of Cups. The last card as the Outcome was the Ace of Pentacles.

I knew immediately there was a surprise awaiting her involving something that was hidden from her. I told her so. I also asked her if the lawyers had told her everything. She said yes, besides what was there to tell- it was all in black and white, as they say.

When I saw the Ace of Pentacles I knew that she would be OK financially and it was connected to her home- Ace of Cups. Again, an vision came. I normally don’t see visions in the cards, I hear them. But the Ace of Pentacles became an envelope coming out from the cloud. For some reason, and I don’t know why I read the Ace of Cups as her home, perhaps from the fear of losing it. The High Priestess gave me the distinct impression that a search to find the solution was within…within something.

I told the lady not to sell her house until she tore it apart, to search in every possible area she had not looked in. She thought I was crazy to say this which is nothing new to me, I’ve been told that a lot too. She agreed because she was desperate. I found myself being adamant about it.

Sure enough the cards were right. The lady found a very, very old insurance policy in the matrimonial bedroom, in the closet- not in obvious view. It was hidden underneath the shelf liner that covered the board where she stored her shoes etc. She called the insurance company, expecting to hear that the policy was not up to date and void. To her surprise her husband kept up the policy and it was valid & legal.

The lady was able to keep her home after the settlement check came and continued to live there for many years. About 5 years ago, the cards showed her moving and she said, never!”. Within 18 months of that reading she did sell as she could no longer maintain the house. She was that much older and not able to handle the upkeep, understandably so.

It is believed that the outcome can change because of the energy we put into current & near future situations. If we like the outcome we see, and continued on that path -the outcome would materialize. If we don’t like the outcome and make changes to avoid or improve the results –the outcome may not materialize.

I often think that if I was given the information that it would be her husband that would pass away, would the lady have tried to stop him from going on the day fishing trip.

I tend believe that even if she succeeded in preventing her husband from going on that trip, he would have died on that day anyways.

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