New Vision Tarot

In the simple 5 card layout I used the New Vision Tarot by Lo Scarabeo. Artists Raul and Gianluca Cestaro. Pietro Alligo. I think this Tarot deck certainly can influence the way you read the cards especially if you rely heavily on imagery. I use this deck to help change my perspective & to allow for other types of guidance that may not be triggered had the straight on images been used.

Lifting the veil of traditional Tarot



No question was consciously asked by the person

.Basis- 5 of Pentacles- the image shows a down trodden individual holding a child sitting under the window with strained glass portraying 5 pentacles. A walking stick leans against the wall. This card pulls at the emotions. There is a feeling of helplessness, while coddling the child within. The disadvantaged state in the basis spot speaks of emotional impoverishment. And yet, the walking cane is not too far away, meaning that the situation is in a pause stage whereby inner lessons need to be addressed- inner emotions of fear and insecurity in the tangible world.

.What you know- Ace of Swords- the traditional sword in hand coming out from a cloud. In the background is a man on a horse. The horse appears to be frightened by something because of its stance. In this spot the person would be aware of being worried or frightened by circumstances that surround them. The Ace is the beginning of powerful thought and energy. It is a good sign because it shows regaining control.


The first two cards show a person in a distraught state of mind.

.What you are not seeing- Key 8 Strength- the Lady has her back facing us while she tames the Lion. In the foreground is a snake. In the background there is a dragon formed by the clouds. A type of god is the tip of the mountain & holding an ancient barbaric club of combat. I want to read the snake as both a blessing and warning. It is wise & it is danger. The power of kundalini. Taming the beast within. The external circumstances around the person are reflected within the card -the preparation for battle, when the battle is within. This card speaks strongly of power and internal strength. The snake energy is being over looked or viewed negatively.

.Advice to follow-
2 of wands-the card show the man holding the globe and facing to the right of the card. You cannot see the view like in the traditional Tarot. Behind him sits an individual sitting on one of the blocks of the enclosure. This person is wearing a jesters hat. To me it looks like he has a blindfold on. Many birds are flying in the sky, rather low. In this spot of the layout the advice is to take off the blinders and to take things more seriously. The birds are pecking at the 2 wands, meaning a possible warning to assess plans that might be taken. Or to shoo them away.

.Result- Key 21 World- here we see the back side of the individual within the wreath of life. The nearly naked butt is in full view. The eagle and human face each other. The lion and bull face away into the card. I can’t help but chuckle because the first thing that came to my mind is – kiss my butt. The feeling of this card is turning your back on the completion depicted by this card. You are suppose to prepare for the next stage and not be stuck in the completion. As the result being it is a Major Arcana there is definitely something bigger going on, a type of karmic cycle.

The situation will improve or get better by making a choice involving a plan and not to lose control of the strong emotions within. The ending looks like it will be a totally different path which will require a complete submission of ego, back to the “Fool” state.

6 thoughts on “New Vision Tarot

  1. Hi Kitty,
    The New Vision Tarot is certainly puts a different slant on the original Pamela Coleman Smith images. I really like the deck. It does take a while to get use to.
    I don’t know if you have seen all the cards but most of them are the images in reverse.
    One of my favorite cards is the 8 of cups- it shows the man after he crosses the river and has left the 8 cups behind him. You can see his face as he steps on the new piece of land. There are fireworks in the background.
    The Rider deck gives the impression of the man heading away from the cups- I often wondered what he might look like, ha-ha.

      • Hi!
        Dear Madame Seaqueen , my question is: what is the outcome of this story and Y?
        Card 1 = key – solution (perfect!)
        card 2 = Moon – novel unstable, with illusory character
        card 3 = coffin – end of a cycle, the time is up, the end
        Card 4 = fox – was a lie, a deception
        card 5 = as a result we have cut, removed from what no longer serves. The withdrawal of the no longer useful to my growth.
        O desfecho será a separação, não há nada de bom nesse relacionamento.
        I am happy to “hear” his comments.
        Hope you’re better than the angels are to dry your tears and bring smiles.
        Tania- Tn

      • Dear Tania-Tn:
        Thank you for your comment and question. I will try to respond to your cards within a short time. My father took very ill after my mother died so suddenly on May 27th. I spend much of my time with him. Thank you for understanding. Madame Seaqueen.

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