Tarot- mini Celtic cross

I was asked to seek the guidance of the Tarot today for a young lady who applied for a job position. Her question – will I be offered the position at xyz company?

The image shown is part of the Celtic cross using the Robin Wood deck. I chose this deck because the question is a practical one and I find the imagery works better, in this case.

Card 1- aura of question- Ace of Swords. The Ace is a card of mental focus or concentration and reflects the determination of the young lady . It is also shows are worried mind. 1rw1.jpg

Card 2- crossing influence- 8 of Cups. This card indicates that she has become detached from any form of emotional gratification in reference to the job she applied for. There is a hint in this card that even if she gets the job she will be searching for something else. The card that crosses is either a positive or negative influence- I see this card as neutral.

Card 3- beneath the Ace of Swords- the reason the question is being asked. 9 of Wands points to much strife in the search of a job. But she hasn’t given up. There would be much competition but she is bravely holding on to the staff with both hand. The staff is her resolve.

Card 4- current to passing situation. The Hermit #9. This card suggests that she has been doing lots of soul searching about the type of work she wants to do. She has the experience of the Hermit and worked hard to gain her skills. She needs to value her own ability & not sell herself short. Her time will pass when she will no longer look back at where she has been and focus more on where she is going. This is clearly demonstrated in the crossing card -8 of cups.

Card 5- placed above Ace of Swords, to come, highest potential as an outcome. Temperance #15. Major Arcana cards show up when there is something else at work, like spiritual lessons one must learn or use-if one has learned them already. This is a wonderful card of balance. It speaks of good combinations, right compositions and all things in moderation. In itself there is a promise of a reasonably good outcome.

Card 6- to the right of the Ace of Swords. Generally the immediate situation or soon to be realized. The Page of Wands brings with it favorable news. A declaration of information that will benefit the young woman. How she chooses to respond to this news is a different story because of the crossing card showing her quite possibly turning her back on this opportunity. This does not make sense right now because she has told me she really, really wants the job she applied for.

The very last card is the King of Pentacles, not shown in image depicting mini Celtic cross.

Look at the richness of the green within this card. 1rwkingpent.jpgThe King is master of his suit. This cards speaks of success & attainment in a financial situation. As an outcome card it suggest that a man will have the final say or have something to do with the result of securing the job position. This King is friendly, helpful and has good money management talents.. He has associations to Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign. As I have said in other posts, sometimes we take on the characteristics of the court cards.

The only thing about this layout that sticks out like a sore thumb is the 8 of cups. Obviously, the young lady could accept the offer & find out that it is not what she really wants to do or it does not satisfy her. However, she is not really in a financial position to decline the offer either.

The 8 of cups can suggest walking away from her own emotions by not taking things personally. When you tie this card in with The Temperance energy- it is pointed out again, to remain emotionally balanced. It takes skill to deal with work situations so that you do not go from one extreme to another.

Any one else have suggestions on the 8 of cups?

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