Moon + Tree continued

From the drop down meanings above the Ask my Cards header, I had written some brief core meanings + they are:

32. MOON – Teeter tottering of emotions. Can suggest recognition or at least awareness to a situation. Sometimes indicates the mother. The nighttime. Casts a shadow on adjoining cards. Coupled with the PATH card-not the best time for decisions. With the STORK card induces uncertain change.

5. TREE = Pertaining to well being. The root of a problem. Nourishing one’s physical needs. Energy level. Can point to illness if surrounded by negative cards and even sudden death if the SCYTHE and TOWER are near.

Moon– in Astrology the moon rules the sign Cancer which is positioned as the 4th house in the zodiac wheel. Typically it rules the mother but in many cases it can represent the father if he was the nurturing + more actively involved parent. The Moon is about illusions, imagination, feelings and memories. In the broadest sense reviews or taking a look at something over again is suggested by this card because the Moon does go through her cycles as most woman know (that time of month).

Sleeping patterns and dreams come under the ruler-ship of the Moon. It is in our dreams that we can fulfill our wishes by visiting other dimensions that consciously we cannot not. This is the place where you can receive recognition, hold honorable positions and do the physically impossible. Emotional situations are displayed by the Moon.

Intuitions and mediumship can be revealed by the Moon -the subconscious area where communication with other forms of light-intelligence occurs.

Tree- a card representing health related issues. If the intention is negative, the branches of energy will spread into more negative. The attraction to the core of negative intention results in multiplication.

The tree card is also about opportunities. When you meditate on this card- what kind of tree is it? There a symbolism connected to the tree of life, oak, willow, ash, fir, etc. You can make it any tree you want, whatever comes to mind or your gut feeling on it. Flashes of intuition occur when you enter the “spirit of the card”.

Putting these 2 cards together – the energy is intensified dramatically. The message is to think positive + to remain positive no matter what crosses your path. You may have to get in touch with “the mother within”, provide nurturing to yourself for a change to strengthen your own energy-tree.

In some cases -someone’s health will be on your mind, even a dear pet. Many times these 2 cards point to a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office. Is it time for your yearly check up?

3 thoughts on “Moon + Tree continued

  1. In astrology, the moon also rules the public, which is where the honours, recognition, and sometimes even fame meanings of the Lenormand moon might have come from. Let’s not forget the ever-shifting moods and tastes of the public – that’s the basis.

    I see Moon + Tree in one way as being too affected by either public sentiment, or that of people close to you – which could lead to tristesse, or even depression.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    True enough about the associations of the astrological moon. The traditional meanings of honors, recognition + fame do have their origins from way back when.

    The link to the moods of the public is interesting to follow. I can’t remember the name of the author off hand but he included an interpretation for each period that the Moon was in transit through the Zodiac and stated the general mood of the public.
    It truly was amazing at the accuracy of the Moon predictions.

    Yes, depression can be a result of this combination…like the negative branches which reach out…some have linked these cards to psychiatric problems when it becomes more than just a passing depression-

    I tend to view alternative probabilities with Lenormand because traditional leaves no room for growth……

  3. You have a great blog!

    I think I tend to start with the traditional + astrological interps, and go from there. You are right, though, the associations you can spin out are amazing.

    In a personal reading, Moon + Tree kept coming up for me concerning health – it turned out to be a serious endocrine (hormonal) problem. Also Moon related, as Moon rules moods and so many of the fluids in the body, combined with the health meaning of the Tree.

    Just before we realised that surgery was necessary, I started getting Scythe + Moon – that one is often interpreted as severe depression or even suicide, but it’s certainly not a fixed in stone meaning – sometimes surgery is the cure.

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