Lenormand MOON + TREE

If you are in the habit of doing a 1 card daily draw using the Lenormand (or any other system) sometimes a clarification card is helpful. In some daily draws I use 3 cards because the detail is as such – the basis of the day, major influence throughout the day + the general probable outcome.


I find that with the Gipsy/Sibilla style cards 2 cards are better than 1 and 3 cards may be to many.


Each person finds their own comfort zone with the cards they are using.


Lenormand Moon #32 plus the clarification card the Tree #5.

.In lieu of the full moon in Pisces today I thought this card appropriate. Pisces has been astrologically bashed since 2003 when Uranus entered the sign + the monthly lunar transits trigger off the emotions in the area where the sun, moon or rising Pisces is in the Natal chart. The fragility is coupled with flexibility, a blessing for Pisces. Uranus pulls the two fish apart even further and Saturn(in transit of the opposite sign Virgo) will try installing some structure for this energy. Hallelujah for that.

.Lenormand Moon appears as a friendly warning. One needs to remember what information was accessible to Madame Lenormand during her years of study. It is those vintage meanings that are linked with the Moon cards. We can add more modern interpretations. However I do not think that the core meaning of the Moon card will change that much. Obviously, the additional meanings come from the combinations.

Looking at the Moon – next post…