Fox #14

The Lenormand Fox is an interesting card. It has multi- level meanings that are quite in contrast to each other. Some typical interpretations would the negative aspects that are associated with this card such as deceit. Some cartomancers have given the meaning of work to this card as well. I don’t see it in the same capacity but I do see it as “working” at something…more in last paragraph.
There are strong words to describe the Fox – cunning, liar, fraud, deception which all point to the same thing. To beware + be aware is the message of Fox.

The appearance of this card will tell you that there is more going on than meets the eye. To be deceptive requires a certain amount of skill so that you are not caught. It tells you to keep things to yourself and not to share certain information until you are absolutely sure of what your want to accomplish. There is a fine line between being diplomatic or sly as a fox.

It is not a good time to reveal your plans. When this card falls next to a card that represents a person then you know that person is holding something back. Maybe not deliberately to hurt you but nevertheless there is something that is “hidden” from you.

Staying in the background is best and adopting a watch + wait attitude as seen in the Tarot 9 of wands which coincidentally is the image on the card -9 of clubs.

When Fox falls next to your card, lady or gentleman it means that you might be up to something and don’t know how to go about it. It shows that you are wanting some information or results and must use your cleverness in a positive way and not end of being a “thief” of sorts.

In more modern times, I think that the Internet comes under the ruler-ship of the Fox card because of the connotation of cunning. Let’s face it the Internet is a vehicle for not only communications of all sorts but is also open to much mis-communications.

When Fox is in a prominent position in your layout always check the card behind or above it- that is where you will find the “silent thoughts” which have not developed into any action yet.

The Fox is a beautiful creature and quite sexy in its wildness. One meaning that could be used for this card is sexuality but not in the same way as with the Lily card. This card is subtle and sensuous. It will seduce you. This is a great card to get in a short reading when asking about romance. If there is a man’s card beside it- your nightey will be set on fire with passion, ha-ha. Of course you need to be asking about that or thinking about it.

fox14.jpgOn one hand the Fox is telling you to beware and on the other hand it is alerting you to the fact that the dance of lovemaking will be slow..slow + slow. In that visualization – the true essence of Fox comes out, you being the sitting duck or chicken.

Reading Fox as a work card you have to remember that it is not the same type of work as depicted by the Anchor card. The work involved is the planning + plotting to achieve the outcome of a situation.

3 thoughts on “Fox #14

  1. Hi SQ,
    as you are at close quarters with ‘Fox’, at the moment I should tread carefully!
    I noticed you had withdrawn your postings from the Rainring cards tag, which leaves only mine there – what happened?
    Rainring-wise, things have been very quiet over here recently – after that flurry of excitement a while back. How are you?
    I miss your inspiration – I’m an experience junkie, I have to confess. Can we expect you back when the moon is right?
    Take Care

  2. Hello Peter,
    Good to hear from you.

    …My post on the Fox card was triggered off by a few emails I received from a long time reader of my blog informing me of some information which I felt was in keeping with the meanings of that card…

    Quiet with Rainring, how so? Regards to Hacina.

  3. Hi again SQ.
    Later, I thought about a book that I wonder if you know – about a kid brought up in the mountains of Tenessee in the thirties by his Indian grandparents. It’s called ‘The Education of Little Tree’ and it’s a sort of underground classic that was re-issued about a decade ago by the University of New Mexico or some such. It has a really great fox and hounds story – with a happy ending.

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