Moon in Capricorn- today

The transits of the Moon are the fastest and generally take a few days to go through each zodiac sign. They can take a little longer to go through an Astrological house. It depends on the house size and which house system you use.

The sign Capricorn is associated with hard work, having a serious approach (Saturn) and getting things done. The Moon is in an Earth sign and all situations ruled by practicality & results would be highlighted especially in Capricorn because it is associated with ambitions (10th house).

Take a look around at people and observe what they are doing. Someone is doing something that requires attention to detail and completions. It’s a good day for housework, gardening, finishing up loose ends, and doing something productive……and so much more.

In your personal chart the Moon in Capricorn can affect you differently. It is such a short term influence but it triggers many planets during it’s transit even in one house. If you apply the attitude associated with Capricorn to the house in question , the indication is that the area of life described by the house will somehow be more noticeable. The Moon is about emotions. For instance, Moon in the 2nd house – paying bills, doing financial bookkeeping, sorting out stuff for a garage sale, trying to set a budget for the remainder of the month etc.

In which House are your emotions today ?

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