Wealth corner

Easy reference chart to Feng Shui basics


Wealth Corner

The far left corner from the door to the room

is the individual wealth corner of the room

and not necessarily to your home.

.The best colors for this corner are vivid purple, green & blue. Things associated with abundance need to be placed in this corner with focused intention as you arrange the area. Little statues of three legged frogs or a rainbow fish are some suggestions. A picture of a fisherman, a fountain with cascading water or an arrangement of flowers with round or coin like shapes.

If your corner is empty, try putting a heavy object there, this will prevent the evaporation of abundance. Many people have a side table with a lamp and alarm clock beside their bed. The electrical energy does interfere not only in the flow of abundance but also drains the CHI while asleep.

If you have a bedroom that you spend a lot of time in where you read, avoid clutter in this corner. Some believe that if you place a small mirror that captures the reflection of currency or a jar of coins that this will help increase money or whatever you place value on.

There are no guarantees, it is the power of intention and belief in the vibrational grids associated with directions. And there must be something to it because these grids are strategically placed all over the world.

If you have a community of like minded people putting out their intentions into the Universe- the results can be astounding just like when those exact same people subconsciously feel unworthy and think that suffering is the way of life.

Experimenting with the shift of energy in any room will create a change, sometimes immediately and other times within a longer time.

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