Many of the cards I write about on this blog have a card to represent Hope such as the Sibilla, Art Deco, Zigeuner, Beidermeir, etc. To some extent the Lenormand Anchor card is linked and the Tarot Star card. To hope is to expect or desire for something to happen. We all have that feeling one time or another. We all hope things will be Ok. The card tells you not to give up. When hope is gone so is the positive energy associated with this emotion. Never give up hope.

The Zigeuner HOPE card has an image of a woman in a ling dress by the wavy coast. She has her feet on the land where she is propped up by an anchor. In right hand she holds one rose and 2 roses have fallen. In the cloudy background is a sailboat.
The Biedermeir HOPE card shows a woman with very long hair and dressed in colorful clothing holding an anchor in her right hand. Her left hand holds a dainty flower. In the background a sailboat fights the choppy waters.
The Art Deco HOPE card portrays a woman sitting with a huge trident anchor which is situated on the ground. She gazes towards the left of the card. In the distant of the background is a white sailboat. The skies look gloomy.

Hoping is not a fast process. No amount of hoping will make anything happen unless you back it up with a plan of action and even then you may not get it the results you want. The Hope card is about slow results. Hoping can be negative if your motives are spiteful and out of jealousy. I don’t mean by hoping the other team loses in some sporting event, by hoping that tragedy befalls another human being. And yes there are people like that in this world who are capable of casting an evil eye. This world has to have negative influences as well so that we can recognize the positive when it does happen. When you want or hope for more than you need, you take something away from another person- and they have less. It’s not fair but such is the law of the Universe. And it prevails. It’s ok to hope someone pulls through an operation but in the end whatever that person’s journey is on this earth will occur despite it all. Don’t mistake hope for worry.

When this card shows up in the future it will reveal a situation that requires much faith and belief as depicted in the images by having your feet placed firmly on the ground. To anchor your thoughts by grounding them and yet holding on to the fluidity of the possible changes depicted by the water.

It is vital that a person does not shut the window of hope in the face of tomorrow.

In it’s most highest aspect it is a very spiritual card suggesting conversations with the Universe, God or your higher self.

Wishing on a star and hoping it is not a comet.

(ORIGINAL POST : September 18, 2007)

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