One of the meanings of the Widow card is mourning. Something has or will come to an end. It will cause the deep expression of sorrow. Not all things that come to an end cause mourning and at times a person can feel relief if it is an oppressive or victimizing situation. In that case, this card means a finalization, putting things to rest or burying your past. widow.jpg

When you become detached from someone or some situation you have to let it go. The more you hold on, the more it hurts. Experiencing sadness affects people differently. There are shades of sadness as there are stages in mourning. When the Widow card comes up and is right beside the Sweetheart or Lover card there is a very good chance that the person is grieving. Not in all cases but in most. The Widow card indicates a profound loss. If the person loses sight of the fact that endings are part of life, the pain will haunt them and they cannot move forward. Acceptance is important.

The image shows a woman in a cemetery. She is paying homage to a cross and the ground beneath her where her loved one is buried. She does not realize that it is too late to say all the things that she is silently whispering. The regrets will eat away at her and erode her heart. She should have spoken her mind when the person was alive. This card warns of being sorry for some action taken.

Does the woman in the picture feel a sense of obligation? Do you feel obligated to go through a situation that is depicted in the surrounding cards. Is it your duty? When this card is near the Misfortune card it indicates a pending trauma through some bad news or unforeseen catastrophe. There is a twist of events that will make it difficult to think clearing. Getting stuck in the news.

When the Widow card is beside the Love card it presages that your romantic relationship will become barren of emotions and could very well produce a tear or two. The person is not capable of depth partly because of past experiences and the baggage that is still left over from that.

Coupled with the Journey card there will be some travel necessary probably to come to the assistance of someone who is very lonely and quite possibly depressed. Maybe it’s a funeral.

The Widow card represents a divorcee as well and has aspects of the Queen of Swords in the Tarot- who has known a tough life but at the same time remains emotionally detached while fulfilling her duties and the demands that she faces in her life. In some ways, the Lenormand Scythe card can be linked to the Widow card in that there is a severance of “something”.

Very often the Widow card will signify a woman without an emotionally connected partner. She would be the type of person that does not allow people to get close to her out of the fear of getting hurt.

When the Widow card is next to the House card, grief come to the home and family- an unexplainable event.

If you asked a question about getting pregnant and the Widow comes up as the answer- there is a strong likelihood that you cannot conceive without further medical advice.

One more thing, the Widow card suggests that you are alive but not living life.

4 thoughts on “Widow

  1. Hello, Seaqueen 🙂 Let me say first that I’m in awe of your knowledge and practice with all those different types of cards. And astrology! Everything. Really, it’s amazing. And so nice of you to share with us 🙂

    Anyway, I have a question. I’ve only just bought the Zigeuner Gipsy cards yesterday and I’m a bit puzzled here. What’s the difference between the Widow and Widower? IS it just a question of sex and the rest stays the same? That would make the deck loaded with “loss” cards, no?


    (sorry if this comes up more than once, I’m getting some sort of error message)

  2. Hello Katja,
    Thank you for your kind words.
    I have always felt a kinship with the Zigeuner deck because of my heritage. It does seem the deck leans towards more “loss” or “negative” cards. However sometimes those cards can be positive in themselves if a person pays attention to the warnings within the cards.
    Funny you should ask (synchronicity) about these two cards, the Widow and the Widower because the latter is one of the next posts I’m working on.
    Yes they are quite similar and they do represent the gender. I have found through experience that the Widower incorporates other meanings as well, which I will detail in the post.
    I feel the cards in this deck reflect the emotional side of life as with many of the Sibilla style cards. It is these exact emotions that we deal with on a daily basis.
    Some people do not look at the deeper meanings of life situations, they just live it . They go through it to the best of their ability by accepting most situations & if not by making the changes necessary. The cards will help identify these opportunities and challenges.

  3. What if widow card appears next to a gift card then a thief card then fidelity card last card is death card in a five card spread.

    • Hi Tina,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Well, it depends on what the question is? As a random pull of 5 cards it could indicate no receiving what is rightfully yours. These are very strong strong. Chances are there will be little movement or progress in the situation.
      If you read the Thief as the topic in a job question someone else may get it. In love matters, the woman (widow) might open up but be afraid to let go completely (Thief) and yet, staying true to her goal (Fidelity) but it will go only so far (Death). Was there a question connected to these 5 cards? Seaqueen

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