Celtic cross- Devil outcome,conclusion

In conclusion –

position 7- I read this spot as my attitude about the question of situation. 7-10tarot.jpg

What do you really think deep down inside?

10 Swords- this card is very fitting under the circumstances, it reflects my attitude about this family member + his health situation. I am coming from a totally defeatist position, anticipating the worst. The funny thing is that it does not get any worse…. there are 10 swords piercing the individual’s back, it really only takes 1 to kill someone- if you aim it through the back of the heart.

I love to analyze this card. Here we have a #10 symbolically associated with a conclusion before the next step. This card points to being on the verge of a different mind-set, out of the black cloud of negativity.

position 8 – this spot reveals your environment, possible external influences or the viewpoint of the person in question. Sometimes you find out the answer to your question within the card that falls here.

The Hierophant is connected to the function of hearing. It is not about hearing those little voices that you think come from a Higher Source, it is about “knowing”. This card tells me that the family member will follow his own ways & do what they have always done by following their own belief system in regards to their health. The Hierophant’s message to me is that I am to stop worrying or I will not hear my own Divine guidancce.

position 9- traditionally hopes and fears.

8 of wands- a card of speed or fast approaching already in motion situation. As the hope aspect, I hope for some sort of quick resolution to the family member’s health condition as in an improvement or at least finding out why they are ill (which currently is under investigation). As the fear aspect, I am afraid that the health condition is speed up and progressively get worse.

And finally the Outcome card. Surprisingly the Devil. I have always thought this card to be ridiculous in it’s image -in the example used. It truly exemplifies negative thinking. Sure it about entrapment of sorts as well. Before I tie it into the reading it is necessary to enter the “spirit of the card” as you should when using the Tarot or other psychological systems of card divination.

The Devil is the Magician & Strength rolled into one. The power of concentration directed through force which in turn is not of pure intent. This is clearly portrayed by the inverted pentagram. The black background of the Devil card symbolizes ignorance or the darkness of truth. The symbol of Saturn is on the open hand. Saturn rules Capricorn and Capricorn is represented by the goat.

The inverted torch suggests a false attitude. The man and woman are chained but it is their imagination to think that they cannot get away. To get away from their own negative thinking represented by the inverted torch.

The Devil card tells me that a mental adjustment is necessary – mine, because I asked the question. Also, my faith is being tested. The last card did not answer my question. I am not suppose to know the answer. I am suppose to look at my own reasons why I want the Tarot to answer such a question. The outcome is in the hands of God and not the Devil’s pretense to know the answer. Make sense?

P.S.- I have asked questions in the past and the Tarot plainly would not give me an answer. In fact several times the Fool card showed up telling me my question was foolish.

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