Celtic cross- Devil outcome

In continuation of the Tarot post started HERE . My understanding of the Major Arcana is highly influence by my long time studies through B.O.T.A. I normally don’t include reversal interpretation in my readings but felt that it was necessary in this question.

position 1- covers you spot, describes the problem, situation or essence of question.

Ace of Swords reversed- partially this card tells me that I am directing my energy in the wrong direction by even asking this question. It also suggests potential surgery or injections by needles. The energy of the Ace is weakened to some degree and within that weakness a negative attitude results.

position 2- crosses you spot, describes opportunities or challenges in relation to the question.

7 wands- suggests strong energy and points to the ability to overcoming obstacles that may come. In this card, there is a ray of hope and it indicates that the energy within the Ace of Swords could very well be restored on it’s own- excluding my involvement/worry.

position 3- I place this card under card 1. Beneath you spot, represents the basis of the question. This position will reveal if a person is involved or a general situation.

King of Swords- this card would describe the person in question. Someone who is a fighter, take charge kind of person and emotionally detached to his own health problems.

position 4 – behind you spot (I place this card to the left of card 1), what is passing or a phase that is coming to a closure.

JUSTICE reversed- my gut feeling is telling me that this family member is not receiving appropriate medical treatment. It speaks of the “unfairness” that occurred in recent months. It suggests an abuse of power when coupled by the Ace of Swords reversed, neglect from those that are in a position to help. The card hints at lack of preparation in this matter.

position 5 – crowning you spot (I place it above card 1), what might materialize depending on card 6. I use to read this as the distant future spot- let’s say 3-6 months. I have found in my experience that position 5 usually manifests sooner than the outcome card.

Ace Wands reversed- 2 Aces reversed is a strong warning that something new will develop that has a negative potential. In this card the suggestion is negative news or ideas. The promise of the Ace is just that a promise- in other words lip-service. The hope of this Ace is false and shows wasted energy with regards to the question.

If you look at the Aces in the image, you can see the tips pointing straight down to the King of Swords. This man is not thinking clear and is suppressing much within himself.

position 6 – before you spot (I place it to the right of card 1), generally this spot is 3-4 weeks. This card is looks interesting in lieu of all the cards.

9 Pentacles- traditionally this cards suggests self-reliance, depending on one self. Surrounding the self with everything that brings the external experience of satisfaction and comfort. Not paying attention to your inner voice. The way I want to read this is that the family member is taking ownership for his well-being or lack of it.

If this card leads to the potential of the crowing card, this can be alarming because Ace of Wands indicates news is coming that will upset the apple cart, especially since it is in such close proximity to the Devil card.

I have to wonder though with 2 Aces being reversed just how balanced is he really.

7-10 positions continued next post

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