What are the Rainring cards?

After finishing the last post I went outside for a change of scenery. I found myself thinking about these cards and the layout I did. I was trying to merge all that I discovered and learned so that I could finish my summary. I heard myself asking the question, “what are the Rainring cards.”

Here is my perception from the little experience I have thus far.

The Rainring cards teach us that we are not quite what we appear to be, not even to ourselves. The layouts used bring the truth to the surface by undoing or opening up the limitations to the roles and the identities we have. And then the journey begins.

When you journey with the cards you will discover your own masks. Once identified, the mask is peeled off and it disappears. In this process you become transformed. When you experience transformation you cross the threshold into new areas of your mind, heart and soul. The result is a new understanding of yourself (or your question).

6 thoughts on “What are the Rainring cards?

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen,

    I’m really enjoying your explorations with the Rainring cards. I think these cards are amazing, and your work with them is very intuitive and insightful. Thank you for sharing your journey!


  2. ‘Madame’ has a slightly grand ring to me, and I think you deserve it, Seaqueeen.

    I’m going to stop saying that I’m impressed, because I want to say something more important than that: In just a few days, you have opened windows all over the place and let light into areas of Rainring where there was thus far only obscurity.
    Suddenly, out of the depths, a quotation pops into my mind, which I want to appropriate for you (I do hope it’s exactly right). ‘You have everything you need for the extravagant journey that is your life.’ I guess I could have replaced ‘your life’ by ‘the cards’, but it comes to the same thing.

  3. Hello Kapherus,
    Thank you for your comment. It was a great exercise in psychic gymnastics. I think it is important to at least try and learn something about different card systems to better understand oneself while in the process of discovery. SQ

  4. Thank you Peter,

    All your uplifting comments are welcome and appreciated. I am in the middle of finishing a post that will conclude my journey with the Rainring with the 5 square card.

    I am tempted to do another reading using one of the more elaborate layouts on your website because I rather enjoyed this experience.

    Best regards to Hacina.

  5. From Hacina to Seaqueen

    Hi Seaqueen,

    I’ve been enjoying reading your experience with Rainring Cards. Thanks for sharing all this with us.

    From your first contacts with Peter, I felt that there was something ‘special’ about you – it is something which has to do with the heart. And it is not just the heart, it also has to do with being well-centered and wise.

    As I’m writing to you I haven’t read the last stage of your reading, which I’m looking forward to!!


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