5/5 entering the spirit of #16 Exhibition

I would like to conclude my experiment with the Rainring cards using the 5 square layout which is explained on the website.


I am anxious to put it all together because even though my question perhaps should have been re-phrased I think I have discovered some information connected to my original question that “challenges” my intention of asking the question. Like, why am I really asking about the successful of these sketches.


The cards have picked up on what I truly am thinking and I would have not become aware of that unless I posed the question the way I did. What I mean by this sentence is that had I not done the Rainring reading I would not have been able to get past my conscious self……………..It appears my question did not come from my heart center, I see that now. It came from my ego-center. In a way the center card #18 FLOW hit me square between the eyes on that.


The last (-2) card to analyze. Exhibition “Light blue- communication-Communication Aspect: connection between individuals by word and music. Multiplying via resonance. communication aspect: the spoken, written or other artistic interaction”

This card falls on the right side of the reading and linked to #41 FLOW -SINGER which is the (-) or minus side.

As I meditate on the card I feel that the woman’s exposed bent leg symbolizes the sketches in question. The leg is now revealed as the musician stirs the kundalini. The woman’s feet are bare suggesting the ability to be grounded as the crowd looks on. To show one’s bare feet takes courage. Most people do not like how their feet look let alone showing them for all to see. As I write this thought a word came to me and that word is courage.

The inability to fully “show” ourselves is prevented because we are afraid of certain energies within ourselves such as creativity. It took guts for JSN to expose his imaginative & artistic talents by allowing the sketches to quite possibly be in the public eye and under scrutiny as the dancer is.

The shadows of people in the background are our own demons dressed up as normal thoughts. Those little voices that say, go ahead I dare you, loser. This is the negative aspect of the card EXHIBITION.

Had this card been on the left side (+) of this particular layout it would mean something different again. It would suggest confidence, self-esteem and comfort in the dance we have within ourselves.

Aside from that the feeling I get from this card is an explosion of sexual energy which is what occurs in music & dance. Sexual energy is the creative force within us. What a splendid card to have on the (-) side of the layout. Do you see why?

How do I put all this together now?

As a reminder my question was “will JSN’s sketches be successful”. In all my years of reading cards, I have never really followed the traditional meanings of the Tarot or any other deck for that matter. Let me give you a brief example before I continue.

Even as a very young Tarot practitioner, I would look at the layout of cards, know the meanings of them & yet would never follow those meanings because something took over me. I would hear visions. I am clairaudient and sensitive to energy by birth and God only knows how tough that is when you want to just be normal. No- I am not the 3rd, 5th nor 7th generation psychic- I was the 1st generation to stand up & step out proudly…..and unfortunately did face the consequences by admitting it.

Not now- but back when women first started getting their rights etc. The bra burning days lol. I was a tad of an activist. I was the one that had the door slammed in my face for wanting to teach classes in how to read Tarot at a local college….to have an article on the Tarot turned down by a new age magazine -telling me card divination is not in keeping with the holistic theme of the magazine, …ahhhh the good ol’ days.

Anyways I’m getting off track – the Exhibition card made me do it, lol.

I’m not ready to finish this summary, yet. I cannot produce on demand & I feel pressured right at this moment. There is still something missing?

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